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Dead of Night is a community for role-playing games, especially ones with a 'horror' theme... That is, were-wolves, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night. Games based around books, TV shows, and movies are acceptable, just so long as they have a horror theme.

Crimson Destines
Crimson Destiny is a site made for people who get bored of big plot based sites. It's an odd mix of science fiction, supernatural, and a few other genres. Vampires, Werewolves, and many other creatures ...

Crow's Haven
As the Master Tools awaken from their dormant state, new witches begin arriving in New Salem, drawn by this strange power. However, the coven soon finds that not all of the newcomers are friendly... And ...

BloodMoon2 RPG
Escape into the world of the dark, where vampires await in the shadows. In the darkness the innocent die and the evil are amused by their suffecommunity. Welcome to terror foretold by the blood red moon ...

Dead of Night Homepage
The homepage for the community.

Celestia City
The Days of Irradication have passed, causing races to forge alliances they would have never done otherwise. The old clans have been destroyed, but new powers rise from the ashes of the ruined city. Which ...