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Click Member link to see site in tvNaomi Rose Dolls
Doll collector site that features dolls that I have put together and dolls I've collected from other doll sites. Also feautures an American partriotic doll page.{;}

Astrogirl's Dollz
A doll adoption site!

~*Irrissa's Dollz*~
Dollz I've made and adopted

Silver Lining Dolls
Silver Lining Dolls has a Doll Dictionary to help new dollmakers learn doll terms and different types of dolls. It also has original cartoon dolls, contests, bases, tutorials, and more!

Valley of the Dollz
Welcome to my original doll site!! come and visit! if you love cartoon dolls you won't be disappointed :)

I have what I would like to think as thee most extensive freak avatar collection around.

.://TigerPawz Dollz\\:.
Hello everyone, and welcome to my little corner of the dollz world. I'd be glad to have you drop by, so why not visit, and leave a note in my guestbook, or browse through my newly updated site.

House of dollz
Dollz that I have made and also adopted

Jorinda's Place
Contains fairies, guardians, and dolls, of course. I began hand-drawing them fairly recently, but even I am amazed at how fast my collection grows.

The Outhouse
My hand-drawn dolls and bases. Contests, and frequent comments on why I hate being an MS Paint user ^_~

Chained in Solitude
A site that is the ultimate wickedness for dolls!! It has Gothic Wonders, Devilish Sinners, Solitary Fairies and Mystical Fantasies!! Come in and have a look!!

A great place to look at kewl new cartoon dolls, enter contests, and much much more

DMented Dolls
a personal site with original cartoon dollz, graphics, blog, fun links and other 'stuff' =)

My DCS Page
Dolls I collected from Friends at DCS,cute links, clubs,many more too see.

Me, Myself and MAdness
Mad bad look into the weird world of me, mostly doll stuff, my dolls and my contests etc etc...

The Moonduchess' World of Sailor Moon
Pictures, profiles, info and more all about Sailor Moon. I also offer awards and cartoon dolls.

Careless Whispers
a user friendly site with a good amount of dolls (and more to come), bg sets, adoptables, and more!!! i also do custom banners, bg sets, and dolls....

Doll Gallery
Just a bunch of dolls and stuff I've collected and made with drag and drops or bases. Realtivly new.

Fairies In Flight
Fairies In Flight is full of wonderful and magical fairy fun! It has everything from Amy Brown adopted dolls, fairy spells, fairy creations and much much more!

Empress & Unforgiving's Dollz
Our site is filled with many different types of dolls. It has cool music to listen to and is just a really nice doll site to visit.{;}

Moonie's Doll Realm
This site is a collection of dolls I have created using various drag and drop doll sites I've found on the web. Also included are links to the drag and drops I've used.{;}

Dollz by Kristina
A fairly new website with a growing collection of dollz and bases, all hand made!

Dolls at Wings of spirit
The Doll section of wings of spirit displays a small selection of hand made original dolls, there is also a wide selection of original bodies to be freely used. The main site also includes digital art, ...

Desi Bears
Dolls bases and contests

Gaeriela's Dollz
My hand drawn dolls, some bases from myself, some from other sites. Contest entries, characters, original characters, links, stills, and animated.

TantaLicious DollZ
|Dolls| |Graphics| |Poetry|

The Doll Collector's Society

the doll collector society

~Defying Gravity~
My little corner of the cyberworld where I can display my dolls, fanlistings (I'm obsessed!), icons, and other things I like to make and join in my spare time.

Creations By Lynne
My site will have doll bodies for download, glitters, Incredimail stationaries and I will also offer tags for request.

Art Dolls by Macabre Beauty-
This website is for the discussion and proliferating of Art Dolls and Art Doll Collectors. Macabre Beauty creates Art Dolls as well The Focus is primarily on gothic and grotesque creations but all kinds ...