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Click Member link to see site in tvOne Crafty SAHM
One crafty stay-at-home mom, raising two very handsome boys.

Out of the Shadows ~ My Weight Loss Journey
Do you have extra weight to get off? This Blog is my weight loss journey. It contains a lot of helpful information - inspirational encouragement, recipes and MUCH more! Join me - let's hold one another ...

Nan's Rants
Nan Rants on issues ranging from relationships and romance to understanding God's will ducommunity difficult times such as sickness, doubting, break-ups, breakdowns, brokenheartedness and custody batt ...

Raising Three Knights and a Princess
Stop by and experience with me what Jesus does as we raise three knights and a princess!

A Daily Rate
I really enjoy scrapping, reading, crafts of all kinds, cooking - pretty much all the home arts. I believe a woman's place is in the home as much as possible. More than anything, I aspire to be a Godly ...

Blessed Is Best
Just our everyday stuff of a family of (currently) 7. We homeschool and love hanging out with each other.

The Authentic You
Encouraging you to become the authentic woman God created you to be.

Blogging Domino
Laura Domino's main blog updates readers on her journey to publishing her first novel, what's going on in her monthly Christian romance ezine, and the rest of her crazy life.

Heart Threads
I am the first Christian in our family of 8. I am excited to see what God will do in our family. I enjoy homemaking, homeschooling, reading, writing, and art - especially fiber art. Stop by and say hello. ...

The Potter's Hand
Though a bit of a "cracked pot", I am striving daily to allow the love and joy of the Lord to seep through the cracks as I serve Him. Humor and a whole lot of coffee keep things interesting!

Coffee and Sunshine
A little blog I made to discuss and vent different issues. And even more so, just to meet friends and have fun. So come have a little sunshine with your morning coffee. =)

My Domestic Church
The bloggings of a Catholic wife and mother of 6 on issues and events that affect her family in their Domestic Church.

Small Town Homeschool
This blog chronicles my families' adventures in homeschooling in extreme small town America!

Katy discusses books, Bible study, and the Christian life in substantive, thoughtful posts. No online journaling. No fluff. (That doesn't mean no fun!)

Scribblings by Blair
Scribblings is about God, family and everything in between.

Callapidder Days
I'm a wife, mom, and writer who is still changing and still growing. This blog contains my thoughts, musings, and ramblings.

Touched by an Angel
This is about me, my thoughts , opinions, my grief recovery and the journey to my "new normal" after the death of Luijoe , my beautiful 6 year old son last May 27, 2000. Recovery is always a work in p ...

It's Always "Just Becky"
Collections from the heart and mind of one young girl, trying to reach out and make a difference in the lives of those who will dare to read.

Adventurous Paths
Life paths women walk and how the Lord uses those paths to grow stronger in Him.

Finding My Life
Even though I am older I feel like I am new to life. At least new to the life of living with God. God has given me a chance to find Him and my way of living with Him leading. I am doing my explocommunity ...

The Cassaday
A family blog with stories and pictures for my children to enjoy for years to come. Also for family and friends around the country to stay in touch and updated with all of our going ons.

hsj writer
I'm a WAHM writer for the Christian and education markets. My blog is about writing at home with four kids, freelance job tips and information for other writers that I find interesting.

A Snapshot of my thoughts and my life--faith, family, books, and blogging.

Finding Beth
I have many labels: woman, wife, mother, educator, ministry partner, friend, entrepeneur, flutist... Often I'm guilty of letting these labels define me. But only God Himself can define me and I'm finding ...

Random Beans
Random thoughts of a Christian wife and step-mom who's taking life as it comes.

My Xanga blog about me and my family and our experiences as a new missionary family in Bandung, Indonesia.

Proverbs 31 Woman
Working towards becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman.

-- a metamorphoself
Pics, life and video tales.

Happy Mom
The life of a wife and mom striving to be all that God desires.

Season's of My Heart
My blog gives you a glimpsy into my life, and the life of my family as we journey with Christ.

Nuggets of Wisdom
My blog is a compilation of several different entries consisting of personally written devotionals, recipes, encouragement, exhortation, and day to day life.

Miss Stephanie's Miscellaneous Musings
A girl on the path of self-discovery, shacommunity a little of what she learns about life, love, and God along the way.

Balance My Chaos
A place for me, a Christian mom, to blog about my daily balancing act of children, housework, daily happenings, faith and love.

On Foreign Soil
The daily musings of a mom of five blessings from God, serving the Lord and the US Army anywhere we're planted!

home is where you start from
Christian homeschool family, what we are doing, what we think, books we are enjoying. All our adventures begin and end at home.

My little ole corner of the blogdom where I can post my thoughts and opinions on things.

Pray and Crochet
I love to pray and crochet... I don't see why the two have to be separated!

Decipher the fog
ramblings of life as mom, wife, and friend in light of the grace of Jesus

Why Nott Me
Just personal experience. I love the Lord and miss Darlene's blog.

Momblog is where I randomly share my thoughts, struggles and prayer requests. I have been homeschooling for nearly 14 wonderful years! As I blog I seek to encourage and be encouraged.

The Point
The Point is a blog on which I write what the Lord gives me each week. I began writing The Point as an e-devotional, but that became too cumbersome to send out to soooo many people, so I developed the ...

A Woman Prays
This site is an addition to my main blog "Balance My Chaos." This will be a place people can come to learn about prayer, post a prayer or pray for others.

Fruit in Season
A mom and wife trying to let God bear fruit through me.

ElCloud Homeschool
April shares about our homeschool and family life, with 6 active creative children, as we strive to serve the Lord, our God.

Mommysmart is a journal of a christian mom just doing her best in an imperfect body trapped in an imperfect world while striving to be more like our perfect saviour.

I thought I'd Have It Together by Now
My site is about my faith, my family and my work in the local high school. I am a middle-aged mother of two and grandma of two who has been married for close to three decades. I have known Jesus personally ...

Kathie's PhotoBlog
Just some of my favourite photos I've taken.

Journey To The Prize
Documenting the day-to-day, serving my Risen Savior, growing, changing, hurting, celebrating. That's what it's all about as we journey onward toward the prize.

Sweet Tea With Lemon
Reflections, devotions and thoughts about life, family and faith.

Well, where do I start! I get myself in the funniest of situations, I see God in the detail of my life, I laugh at my mistakes, just an ordinary Christian mum taking the rough with the smooth!