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Blogging for the fun of it about family, friends, work, kids, allergies, our kitties and in general that thing called life.

These are my experiences with God I write as an outlet for my praise and wonder for the way He answers prayers, comforts and loves me and anyone who seeks Him. Plus, tidbits about church life, worship ...

Tomato Soup Cake
A single homeschooling mama, thinking on the lovely things...

( What Happen )TO The Old Black Church?
A place where I discuss the old black church and the happening of the day.

Moms of Faith Blog
A community of Christian Moms who love the Lord and want to become all that He created them to be. Here you will find support, encouragement, resources, tips, articles, devotionals, homeschool topics, ...

More than just soccer
Christian Indiana mom of 3 trying to seek balance in her crazy world of soccer! Is there really more than just soccer in my life? YES!

Beyond Microbursts!
Beyond Microbursts! is a look beyond the book Microbursts! in to the life of the author.

Woman On A JouRney
I am a Filipina transplanted in the U.S. and trying to survive life in a new environment. This is a journal of my journey through life, particularly my experiences in my new home.

One Christian Mom
A blog about being a Christian woman, wife, mother of three, and all of my thoughts and tips along the way.

Examining faith, the Bible, and theology, in the context of literature, popular culture and current affairs.

Seeking diligence
I am a seeker. The more I seek the more I am drawn to the truth that has always been there.

The Story of A Girl
A blog about a girl's journey to becoming a woman of God. through heartache, rape, pregnancy, adoption, and life as a birth mother, God shows her the path.

Homeschoolin' Hotrodders
We are a christian, homeschooling, hotrodding, adoptive family! We love to read and rod :)

Shacommunity my faith & my creativity.

She's Star-Crossed
thoughts. dreams. activities. domesticity. loves. faith. pictures. recipes. motherhood. quotes. life.

Sam's Family
Hi! Welcome to Sam's Family...I am a well loved wife and happy mother of five beautiful children. Our blog is a place where I talk about the joys of this amazing journey we're on called life. Life as a ...

Royally Designed
Focus on leading others to God's word and encouraging them to follow His ways. I am a Christian women's speaker/teacher and love to share about what God has done in my life and what He can do in oth ...

Dusty Angels and Old Diaries - Linda's Notebook
Preview my memoir, "Dusty Angels and Old Diaries" by Linda Meikle about my lifelong search for my family and the pivotal when I found my mother after almost 40 years. Based on a boxful of my old diaries. ...

Fat Goddess
My personal explorations of the Feminine Divine in a liberal Christian Context.

The Wells Family
We are a Christian, military, homeschooling family.

Higher Is Our Hearts Desire
The story is that I have been married 11 years to my friend, have a beautiful family with three precious children built through the blessing of international adoption, and am daily seeking to go higher ...

Song's Site
Christian, Jesus, Christ, God, Religious, Family, Music, David Wilkenson, Keith Green, graphics, Pop-out song playlist, Calvary Chapel, “A Mother's Walk”, Inspirational, Tribute, Memorial, Heartache, ...

My children Green Living Heaps of photos

Religious Vanity License Plates
WWJD, Jesus, Blessed by God, One Way Christ‘s Way, Love, Prayer, Clergy Cross, Church, Christ Saves & Angel Novelty Vanity License Plates & Signs.

Fiddle Dee Dee
Personal blog covecommunity marriage, parenting, keeping house and spiritual living

I'm a South African living in Italy. I blog about my faith, hobbies, recipes, photos, daily happenings, cats and kittens, gardening, random thoughts and more.

Turning Pages
I'm a Christian mom and homeschooler whose desire it is to fully serve the Lord. We are moving overseas and my hope is that this blog can be an encouragement to other women even though I'm oceans aw ...

Musings In the Sand
Encouraging women in faith and walking the Christian life.

One Day At A Time
My life one day at a time as a Christian mom and wife to a super sized family that is super sized loved. Stop by and learn more about the things I hold dear to heart.

Joys of Living in our House
Homeschooling family of 5

One Day At A Time
My life one day at a time as a mom and wife to a super sized family. Stop by and learn more about me and the things I hold dear to heart.

Just Some Thoughts
I write about life and the things I love... church, family, music, Paint Shop Pro (the poor man's Photoshop), reading and writing to name a few.

Skeeter Creek Farm
Day to day happenings on a little farm in rural America.

Random Redheaded Ramblings~
My random thoughts on life as a middle aged christian mom. Focus on missions, scriptural encouragement, and more!

I AM Mom
my blog

Dr Margaret's Treasure Chest
From the desk of an Australian Christian counselor and naturopath: a few pearls of wisdom about God’s love and purpose for us, family living, friendship, spiritual growth, communication and interpersonal ...

I'm Free
Writings of a pastors wife, mom of three, Womens Ministry Leader, Teacher

Life In Our Family
A Christian Homeschooling Family shacommunity about life in our family!

~ there's more to this life ~
We are a Christian homeschooling family living in South africa.Join us as life unravels in our extremely busy yet fulfilled lives!

Permanent Things
This blog is a record of my thoughts about homeschooling, homemaking, the new humanity in Christ, and anything else that falls under the category of Permanent Things: the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. ...

Coming out of a charismania church and a spiritually abusive church, this is my blog journey in finding Biblical Truth.

Wisdom Pursuit
Ancient Wisdom for Today's Families

Children's Rights
Children's Rights Advocacy, Children protection law.

Woman on A JouRney
Journal of a Filipina transplanted in the U.S.

The Great Gorp Project!
I'm a mom starting an all natural energy bar company while trying to be present and available for my three kids, while training for triathlons, and nurtucommunity my marriage to a crazy bull riding farmer. ...

Mom of Two Red Heads
Come and share in the life of a christian wife and mother of two red headed boys.

The So Dizzy Life
A glimpse into my crazy life as a minister's wife and mom of 5 kids.

Life by the Creek
Follower of Christ, wife, SAHM; thankful for each day given and all that it holds.

Latte' Buddies!
"Coffee with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent!"

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