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Small stories of everyday life that offer hope, compassion and honesty...for believers and unbelievers alike.

Sarah Joy Albrecht
My blog contains everything from book reviews to recipes to parenting tips. I have five children. I'm a moderator at www.peacegals.com. Peacemaking is something dear to my heart.

Nanoo Childrens Designs
My blog is mainly about sewing projects I do but I add some personal stuff about my kids, my life, etc.

Mighty in Spirit
"I don't want to be put on the shelf. I want the Lord to use me, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

Creation in Progress

Sumballo is a Greek word that means to ponder, to discuss, to meet with, to converse. Join me on this spiritual journey as I follow Jesus and his teachings, to understand him and his ways better.

You Just Never Know Where Hope Might Take Ya
My family. My home. My life. It's chronicled here. Where Hope Lives.

Journey To The Prize
Life comes at a furiously fast pace or agonizingly slow most of the time. Either way (and all the ways in between) I want to remember these days, preserve them as best I can as we press onward to the ...

Under the Mustardseedtree
A place to sit in the presence of God, random thoughts about life, the universe and everything, seen through the eyes of a believer on the journey on earth.

Mommy-fied's Faith Blog

In His Grip
Just living day-to day with a husband and three children, knowing that the grace by which I'm saved is amazing beyond description

My Little Corner of the World
Life as a christian wife and mom who works as a nurse

Beyond the Point of Forgiveness
Beyond the Point of Forgiveness is my journey past forgiveness of my molesters, into the process of healing, deliverance, and liberty in Christ.

empty praise
A site dedicated to reflecting and receiving perspective as a worshiper and follower of Christ.

Walking In Abundance
Knowing that we are all abundantly gifted, we each have strengths that the other does not, God made us that way. Encouraging each other, unconditional Love and respect as God does, this is abundance, ...

A Sweet Fragrance
This is a blog consisting of excerpts from out-of-print Christian books, as well as personal stories, to encourage women young and old to live set-apart lives for their Savior.

Daily Provision
Home School Mom--narrating the "journey" of being a Christian, a mother, and a home school teacher. Also, site is used to keep family and friends updated about family and home school news, prayer requests/praise ...

I love a sunny day
Cecily is a published author who loves to think, read and write about the practicalities of the Christian life. Occasionally she posts a picture of her latest knitting project. Because she has an autistic ...

Beanish and Other Languages I'm Learning
Just a place for my ramblings as I learn about being a mother and loving my daughter.

Home For Their Hearts
A place for homeschool moms to find encouragement in keeping God the center of their homes as they minister to their families.

The Pumpernickle Pickle
Just the ramblings of a modern SAHM.

The Woman
A day in the life of a homeschool mom. I'm a thinking blogger... Really.

From Under the Clutter
My attempt to climb out from under the clutter in my life to enjoy the small moments.

Refresh My Soul
This is a blog on random thoughts about life and God. Living it out day to day. Focus on Jesus and the refreshment He bcommunitys to our lives.

The T.A.G. Blog
This blog is meant to be a place where women can connect with other women and encourage and support one another in love.

A Woman\'s Right To Shoes
\"A Woman\'s Right To Shoes\" is my very first blog, and in it I hope I can give the reader \"a sense of my passion for the Lord, for this life we get to live, ever so briefly, for building friendships ...

Seeking to Glorify
Seeking to glorify Him with photography as my creative outlet.

The Starcrossed Blogger
I am a dreamer, a perfectionist, a God-seeker. I am a mother and a wife. I am a homemaker, a chocolate lover, and a laughter addict. Love to read, write, create.

As For Me and My Home
Shacommunity in my adventures of transitioning from a career woman to a SAHM - my biggest dream!!

Martha's Distraction
I'm a 40-something mom with a daughter in public high school, and two sons who are homeschooled.

At Home With Grace
The humble ramblings of a 27 year old Christian wife and mother of three boys in Savannah, GA. Focus on gratitude.

Howell Happenings
We are the Howells - Jason, Jill, Natalie and Nicholas. This blog is my (Jill) attempt to keep you updated on the Happenings around our house. We have a lot going on…kids, faith, health stuff, etc. So, ...

Inheritance out of this World
my thoughts and daily walk with Christ

shacommunity the journey toward becoming a Christ-centered wife, mother, and child of God

In His Footsteps
I'm an American woman living in Taipei, Taiwan with my husband. I'm a Christian with a passion for missions in Taiwan, although I'm an English teacher by profession (blasted student loans). This blog is ...

Tiffany's TIme
This blog is all about the thoughts I receive from God on subjects, concepts, virtues, and or Bible stories.

My Walk Through The Word
This blog is about the understanding I am getting from GOd on His Word. God gave me instruction to read from Genesis to Revelations chapter by chapter to gain a greater understanding. This is what I am ...

Making money:My journey to STAY a stay-at-home mom
Finding and shacommunity ways to make money online so I can continue to stay at home full time with my daughter. Blessed to be home!

Women for the Nations
Women for the Nations is a ministry of Sharmaine Dobson Ministries and aims to be an interdednominational, international fellowship of women. The aim of WFN is to empower women to discover their purpose, ...

Robyn's Ramblings
This site seeks to encourage women of faith. Robyn is a pastor's wife and mom of two children. She is also a writer. Her blog is made up of tidbits on the Christian walk, parenting, the writing life and ...

Conversations With My Hairdryer
I'm a busy mom, just like you. Sometimes the only quiet time I get is when I'm drying my hair. Probably because I can't hear any of the screaming, banging, or crying when the hairdryer is on.

Tracye Dukes
A blog belonging to a 30-something, truth-loving, single woman who is Seeking God... Loving You... and being herself! And that makes for quite an interesting journey :0)

I Come Boldly
I am a Christian; I am also a wife and Mother, who as a former "daytime well visitor" has encountered the true lover of her soul. I have drunk from the well of salvation and have been revived and renewed. ...

Domestic Adventure
I am a full-time homemaker, after leaving the practice of medicine in 2006. I homeschool my two children (ages 9 and 12), teaching them to love God as well as to read, write, and do arithmetic! My blog ...

A Kiss, A Hug, and A Squeeze
Shacommunity my heart and trying to be real about parenting, marriage, friendships and life in general.

Kness to the Earth

Life with Littles
Just a place for me to share about all the blessings the heavenly father has bestowed upon me.

A Great Pleasure
a blog of my own recipes, thoughts, interests, experiences, interests.

Quill Cottage
Shacommunity God's goodness in my everyday life as wife, mother, artist, aspcommunity writer, and above all else as a daughter of the King.

The Family Revised
God is changing our family in big ways! A few years ago I began praying for Him to make us into the kind of family He wants us to be--a godly family. This is our journey.