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Meditations on family life from a Reformed Christian perspective.

Three's a Crowd
I am an introvert with good social skills (at least, that's what my therapist tells me). I am also... a multi-tasking, fun-loving, home-making, over-analyzing, mostly happy, worry-warting, easily amused, ...

Woman of Faith, Educator, Youth Ministry Passions for Christ, my church, Emmaus, Chrysalis, reading, South Carolina, Charleston, beach

everyday miracle
Everyday Miracle is a site dedicated to the moments of Divine intervention in the lives of God's children.

Daughter of Encouragement
Daughter of Encouragement is a blog site packed with words of enocuragement for women today.

Apron Stcommunitys & Simmecommunity Things
A site dedicated to somehow encouraging one's inner chef despite the need to feed the kool-aide crowd. Recipes, gadgets, thoughts,and all manner of who knows what.

From the Inside Out

Word Quilts
Bits and pieces of my life quilt, held together by the Master Designer

The "What If" Women
The "What If..." Five women of the Lord begin each day pondecommunity "What If..." possibilities. Please join our discussion!

A Touch of Tuesday
Three Christian Gals, Friends Brought Together by God, Shacommunity Life, Love and Laughs, Come Join the Table for a Touch of Tuesday.

Orange Tree Farm
Orange Tree Farm is a site for parents looking for well made and original handmade baby shoes and booties and clothing.

Perspectives from the Trail Less Traveled
Dr. Francis Schaeffer once said that "people with more understanding realize that their presuppositions should be chosen after a careful consideration of what world view is true." A blog dedicated to examining ...

The Soapbox
The Soapbox is a blog designed to share ideas on all the arts, including music, dance, and poetry. It features articles about good cuisine and recipes. Often there are more serious topics that deal with ...

LoopdeLoops in La La Land
Talking about my writing, my thoughts, fun stuff, and what God is doing.

I'm Just Me
I'm a young, Canadian, prairie girl and this is a little window into my life.

Peek-a-boo ICU
Ever tried to hide from God? Yeah, me too. Just like Eve. But God still calls to us, "Come out, come out wherever you are." Come join me in calling others to the adventure of abundant life. Let's stop ...

Help meet
Admittedly, I'm still learning to love the role of being a Pastor's wife! God's entrusted wonderful hubby and I to bcommunity up two darling little ones. I am a SAHM and keeper at home.

The Owl's Song
A native of Los Angeles, this transplanted small-town woman pastor ponders God, purpose, church and life.

By God's Grace
Domestic Violence is a condition every culture experiences. Living with it, getting away from it, surviving and recovery is a journey of oppression, deceit, control, stepping out on faith, gaining strength, ...

The Hope Finder
A place where I can share my testimonies, faith, and my blessings to others and hope it touches thier lives

My Yarn Thoughts
My thoughts about things in my life... My God, My family, My knitting, My friends.

words of a heather
the story of my cancer diagnosis at age 26, my treatment, and my life after cancer...

Me, etc
My thoughts on the everyday things that come into my life

Mayhem And Miracles
A collection of memories and life's lessons learned so future generations of our family can be equipped to live even more faithfully for Christ!

A Mother's Life
This is where I blog about my daily life as a christian woman, wife and mother.

Mommy Monsters, Inc.
Inspiration for "perpetually challenged" parents ... Especially those who received their children through adoption or foster care.

Truly Captivating
...I began this blog as an outlet, but now my prayer is that it will encourage other believers and spur them on in their faith. More than that, I pray that the daily musings and ramblings of this woman's ...

The Creators Palette - Art by Melanie
The Creators Palette - Art by Melanie blog is Melanie Pruitts blog that features not only her watercolor art, but the spiritual journey she encounters through creating. Her entries often include scripture, ...

quacks of life...
I am saved by His Grace. I am a wife and mom of two sons. I am a home schooling ~veteran~ (smile) of 21 years. I am an artist and I minister to artists... who are some of the most beautiful souls I know ...

My thoughts exactly!
I'm a SAH mommy of a beautiful 3 year old princess. My husband is a worship pastor and record producer.

Stacks Under the Flower
A place to find good books, good fun, and good friends!

Princess Overcomer?
Following God's Word to learn to be an overcomer. Lover of Jesus, and wanting to be more like HIM and less like me. God is good!

Life At Home

The Journey
I've realized it's okay to be frustrated sometimes. It's okay to question. It's okay to wonder what is going on. Through it all, God's had is guiding my ever-wandecommunity heart closer and closer to ...

Shine For Jesus
My blog, Shine For Jesus, is a blog that is based upon my own desire to let others see Jesus in me and to let others' hearts feel pressed upon with the desire to let their lives be an open book to draw ...

The Wooden Porch
Country livin' is the life for me. The smell of sweet, fresh air and the thrill of rumbling thunderstorms with flashes of lightning lighting up our home along with the wind blowing the trash cans down ...

my blog for writers and those interested in Christian writing.

Bella Colle
Good conversation, eclectic items for you and your home...

Life on the Road: Home Business, Homeschool, and Cats!
Description: A full-time RV family shares their adventures - homeschooling two kids, running a home business on the road, life in an RV, interesting travel and dining experiences, you name it...

Notes From the Soul
This is the place I share what's going on in my life. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's serious and sometimes it's just pictures of my family. It's my attempt to write down what God is doing in my ...

Adopting Little One
Our journey to adopting a little girl from China and God's faith in sustaining us through our wait.

Musings of a Home Engineer
Hi! I am a 41 year old Christian lady who stays at home working hard at a lot of things, volunteers at her sons school, unofficial church secretary, thrill seeker (only when shopping at thrift stores ...

Encouragement to all woman. Wanting to woman to become captivating as the Lord restores them to the beauty He intended for them

Bold & Free
Inspiration for Christian women who would like to step out of their past and began to walk boldly in the freedom of Christ.

Gumboots and Lemonade
Random things to encourage and inspire women in their aspiration to make their house into a home and to save money along the way!

Surviving Motherhood
Jerusha is the mother of one bouncing baby boy. Between keeping a close watch on her son and trying her darndest to keep her castle clean, she blogs her incessant ramblings on life in the Canadian suburbs. ...

The Diary of a Hope Filled Mom
My personal diary of being a Christian, wife, and mom!

Nunnie's Attic
Benvenuto Amici (Welcome Friend) Thank you for visiting Nunnie's Attic. We are Margie and Julie Greco, of western Pennsylvania. We hail from the small town of New Brighton just about 40 miles north ...

Our Journey by Spiritual Parenting
My daily life with four children. I lean on the Lord to raise my them. We have homeschooled for six years.

For Him
A very personal & open journal of a loyal servant and her every day struggles, prayers and experiences with God