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Carbohydrate Addict
This blog is my struggle against carbohydrate addiction and to stay in my new size 8 jeans. It is my journey from obese to fit on the Atkins diet. This blog is also about God & my struggle to move toward ...

Off the beaten path
Single Christian mom who loves to be frugal and organize.

The Accidental Pastor's Wife
A recovecommunity feminist finds her way into conservative evangelicalism...and it's a wild ride!

A mother of 5 shacommunity her family and living the authentic Christian life.

Pearls Of Wisdom
An inspirational site full of scripture, recipes, home keeping ,child reacommunity and frugal tips. Vintage inspired. Quotes of inspiration and scripture. Cheerful , uplifting and full of love and hu ...

A Day in the Life at Our House
The somewhat daily ramblings of a Christian, homeschooling, SAHM to six beautiful blessings.

surviving motherhood
At Surviving Motherhood, I share my life experiences as a mom and child of God. Once I was questioning God's wisdom in giving me children. Now I understand He is using my kids and my struggles as a mother ...

Laurie's Dance With Sound
My blog is about my journey to sound with not one but TWO cochlear implants. I'm also a Christian, wife, and mother, and throw in other happenings of my life.

Rocking chair reflections
A mother's musings from middle England.

House of Virtue
christian information and resource provider, proclaiming that Jesus is Lord!

Family Doin's
Thoughts and ramblings of my life as a Christian mom...

Hind's Feet
The daily journalings of a Christian wife, mother and homeschooler.

Empowecommunity Everyday Women Blog
My blog is for women looking to maximize their potential, walk in their divine calling, and lay hold of everything God has for them! What most readers find so refreshing is the fact that, something ...

Two By Two Chronicles
Life full of joy!

Media Meandecommunitys
About Carla’s Media Meandecommunitys ... a place to keep all my favorite media items - mostly best loved stories in book and movie form, interesting books I’ve read or would like to, and music that has ...

Girl Talk is committed to the mission of encouraging and motivating young ladies to make positive choices, acknowledge God in their lives and to be good role models for other young ladies.

A Good Theme
A missionary wife and mother in South America shares about everything from mothecommunity to ministecommunity (and diaper changing and cooking and Bible Studies and cultural lessons and life in a third-world ...

Simply A Musing Blog
Simply a homeschooling mom of 3 who loves the Lord and my family with all my heart. Happily married for 6 years to a hunk of a guy, living life on the edge of Texas.

Is This a Daycare Field Trip?
Christian Mother of four beautiful children. Student (elementary ed). Head full of different stuff I can't even get it all out in the blog...love the interaction with other Christian women...desire to ...


Seek First His Kingdom

thoughts and reflections on daily life

The Rogue Royals
the story of how Rogue Queen and King Gold Crown find a baby…

Experiencing the Joy

family life, bible verses, creativity

The Listening Heart
An invitation to follow me on a journey of heacommunity the magnificent, life-changing voice of God

Yellow Rose Cottage

Multiple Hats

Joyce's Jottings
Joyce's Jottings is a way to keep talk about my favorite things.

Anna's Place: Share Your Grief
Anna's Place is a safe place for people who have experienced loss to share their grief and begin the journey of hope and healing through Jesus Christ.

Slurping Life
A mother by birth and adoption shacommunity - through photography, writing and humor - life with boys, autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder and cerebral palsy. Reminding you that kids with special needs are ...

Looking for me...
daily musings on parenting, health, fitness, spirituality and life in general.

One Day At a Time
The personal blog of Lynda Walldez. My best photography featured in every post, Loaded Questions meme hosted every Wednesday, and insightful posts on Christianity, photography, art, writing, my life, reflections, ...

Learning to Live, Living to Learn
We are a Christian family who love each other, learn together and try to have some fun along the way. This blog is about our stories...living, learning and loving. Journey along with us as we discover ...

Books and Bairns
I was a writer before I was a homeschooling mom. Now I'm trying to reconcile the two ...

Victoria's Scrapook
A homeschooling blog of prayers, devotions and inspirational stories and photos.

Christian book discussions/writing

Literary Christian
The Literary Christian blog strives to provide inspiration for aspicommunity and established artists who strive to write honestly about life’s struggles and to follow the teachings of Jesus. Site owner ...

Paths of Peace
Paths of Peace encourages young Christian women who seek to become wives, mothers, and keepers at home.

The Bee's Knee's
A peek into our daily life. Recipes, crafts and lots of photography.

Timeless Text Messages
Dedicated to expositon of scripture. Education oriented with study helps, outlines, sermon ideas. Occasional personal post.

Karen Rabbitt
Informed by my personal experience as well as my expertise as a long-time psychotherapist, I write weekly devotionals on a variety of emotional and spiritual health topics.

Always a work in progress!
I am striving to live a life of service to Christ and those close to me~my darling, three strong sons, beautiful daughter, friends and neighbors. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Writing on the Edge
I write gritty romantic suspense and I try and push the envelope. Whether or not I succeed in the Christian or secular markets remains to be seen...

Kayli's Room
Began when I started the adoption process for my daughter. I maintain it as a "baby book", a journal, and a witness.

Momma of 4 Blessings
I am a Christian, homeschooling, stay at home mom. I blog tons of photos of my 4 kiddo's, and try to provide inspiration on things I'm passionate about like home birth, breastfeeding, midwifery, vaccines, ...

Musings of a mother, teacher, writer, child of God.

Break Me
Ramblings of an amateur on faith, psychology and life

The Melody Within
Personal weblog of Delia Latham, author of Almost Like a Song and Goldeneyes.