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A blog about life, love and family.

P e a r l s
Little P e a r l s of Wisdom, That's What I Like to Identify. Join Janel Messenger as she shares her hard learned lessons about being a wife, mom, speaker, author, mentor, reader and piano playing ...

Flight Song
A single Christian woman, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother writing about my journey through life.

My blog is meant to share the blessings of everyday life from everyday me. I have 3 grown sons,all who have suffered through devastating illnesses. God has taught me much through this and I would like ...

musings of a housewife
Just another Momma talking about whatever's on her mind!

A Journey with Twins
Our journey with twins. Pregnancy, labor, birth, NICU and beyond. The joys and the challenges of twins.

Christians in the Arts
A discussion of why Christians should be interested in the arts and an introduction to some artists who are using their work to shine the light of Christ in the world.

Inside The Classroom
Inside The Classroom shares Karen's reflections and experience as a parent, teacher and curriculum writer of Christian education materials, particularly, what the children in her life and teaching have ...

The Dryer Ate My Socks
The ramblings of a wife and mom trying to conquer it all.

My page is just for encouragement, shacommunity faith and experiences and getting linked to other Christian woman that I'd never get to know otherwise.

After a cup of coffee...or two
Life by the grace of God, and caffeine

Home With The Kids
On my blog I post updates about my website "HWTK" and other "finds" relating to Christian Living and homeschooling. I will sometimes post about current events, sometimes about little events in our lives. ...

Song of My Soul
A journey through the songs of my heart.

Pondecommunitys of the Heart
Pondecommunitys of my heart on the journey toward becoming more like Christ.......

Pursuing Holines...
My blog is more or less my day-to-day, with a lot of extras spread through it...I write a lot of pro-life/anti-abortion entries, as well as talk about the biblical role of women.

A Mile in My Shoes
A day in the life of a stay-at-home homeschooling mother of two (one by adoption, one by birth.)

The Most Exciting Thing We've Ever Done
Our family of 5 journey to our little girl in China - my faith, my family....

Lifestyle Education through Discipleship
Lifestyle Education through Discipleship is a Biblical philosophy and methodology of education based on parents teaching their children everything through the lens of God's Word and how to reason Biblically ...

My Everyday Life
This is a blog about my spiritual journey with Christ.

Ink Scrawls
I am a newish Christian writer. This is my blog dedicated to writing for Jesus.

Homeschool in the Little House
My blog is all about my life as Christian homeschooling mother.

More Than a Feeling
This is a site to brainstorm about articles to write freelance. Lately it has been an outlet to track my spiritual walk.

Boasting In My Weakness
The title of my blog is based on this verse. This is a verse the Lord has brought me to time and time again in my life. I have a tendancy to think I can do things on my own, and in my own strength, but ...

California Breeze
I'm a California wife and mom who blogs about the struggles and victories in parenting my two sons, ages 16 and 19. I am a published writer and my husband is a film composer. I ride an off-road dirt bike ...

The Diaries of a Faith Chick
a chick, god, and her faith

It Coulda' Been Worse
I'm a SAHM, homeschooling 3 young children. If you're seeking intellegent and stimulating conversation, then I'm not the blog you're looking for. My posts generally feature riviting writing about poop, ...

A Sure and Certain Hope

Eve Juurik's Blog
Body-Mind-Spirit Health & Beauty God's Way

Learning to Weave
A site about our homeschool adventures (shannigans?), and the joys of parenthood and following God.

The Bakehouse
From a kitchen where one bakes a good family and friendships are grown. On this blog you'll find entries about veg cooking, baking, and organic garden experiences as well as great information about food ...

Delightfully Cliche
Just me... just delightfully cliche.

In the Dailies
God is present always and everywhere. The problem is that we don't always recognize it. This site is my journey of finding and recognizing God in the dailies; in the ordinary, everyday points of life. ...

Fully Alive...Ready To Smile
Just a blog by a girl who is loving God, life, her family and friends. Putting thoughts out there on current happenings in her life.

Mama Bev's Musings and Meditations
my thoughts on what God is teaching me, and any other things that come to mind . . .

This burning fire
At God's service A new blog of someone that lives in this burning fire that is the love of God.

Journey of the Heart
Working out my salvation through my blog, I embrace Reformed Theology and the Doctrines of Grace.

Sammy's Stuff
I do almost any type of art... I know God gives out gifts to each of us and I have finally realized one of God\'s gifts to me was my creative mind and my hands that will work my creativity...

Little Lessons from my Loving Lord
The little lessons that our Loving Lord teaches us through the every day events and activities of our lives.

Tandem Mommy Lifestyle
Just life. Here I am. Breastfeeding, pregnant or both. Never in between.

My Four Corners
"The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance." - Psalm 16:6 (NIV) Stories, thoughts and sweet nothings from the four corners of an ordinary mom's "pleasant ...

Canadian Bird
This is the tale of a Canadian Bird who flew south for work, but can't wait to get back home...

Thoughts from the Shower
I love to write, and I spend most of my time working hard on my websites. But I thought it would be nice to have a place to write down simple thoughts that come to me about God... yes, usually in the shower, ...

On my Christian life: womanhood, marriage, parenting, homeschooling, and whatever else comes to mind.

The Joy of the Lord is My Strength
Discussions on the Curse of Adam as applied to babies, and it's impact on a mama's grieving heart...

Somewhere Between Dreams: Canadian Prairie Writer
The half-mad meandecommunitys of a Canadian prairie writer!

Pyretic Pondecommunitys
A collection of essays, poetry and quotes about faith and life.

Missy's Knitting Mess

Redeemed's thoughts
Just the thoughts and occurrences in the life of a stay at home Christian mom of 3 boys, M.O.P.S. creative activities leader and Cub Scout Den mother.

The Chickadee Feeder
Musings of a homeschool mom

Karla's Korner
Random postings of daily life and devotionals designed to encourage those who drop by to creatively live life on purpose and with a purpose... shacommunity faith, fellowship and fun.