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A site for moms to be encouraged, and inspired for their personal life, and to find tips and resources for parenting, and marriage!

Song Of The Sagebrush
Christian Poetry, as well as observations, thoughts, and insights related to our homeschool life.

Land of Moriah
This blog is all about my walk with Jesus as a lover and worshiper of Christ.

Ink It Blog
Ink It Blog is a site dedicated to encourage, uplift and inspire women to be all they can be for God through humor, serious devotional thoughts and everyday living experiences.

A Joyful Journey
my joyful journey with Christ

A Work in Progress
I'm shacommunity how the Lord is working in my life as a Christian wife and homeschooling mom to 4. Please join me!

CeCe Lane
Book Reviews and Other writings

Fidler On The Roof
The personal blog of Julie Anne Fidler, author of "Adventures In Holy Matrimony: For Better Or The Absolute Worst" (Relevant Books), and associate editor/staff writer for Infuze Magazine.

Jade's Webpage
A personal website of a single Christian BBBW.

Unmasking the Goddess
With Unmasking the Goddess, a Christian woman takes a close look at goddess spirituality. I'm a writer, an evangelical Christian, and I'm looking for the truth as I research my new book on goddess worship. ...

My Rants, Raves and Random Thoughts
Just random thoughts, rants and raves from a Christian web designer in Kansas City.

Simply Sandy
Shacommunity the simple blessings of marriage, motherhood, and a life lived through grace

Stuff to Say
This is my place to get stuff put into words - mostly so I'll remember what all has happened! I write about my family, friends, experiences, and thoughts.

Sit With Me awhile
I love the Lord and dearly want to see and know that His love is growing in my life each day. My writings and blogs are about Him and the thoughts and areas of my life He is stretching. So COME and Sit ...

A Woman's Words
That you would laugh, cry and contemplate; that you would be encouraged; that you would see some of yourself and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you are not alone.

Itty Bitty Bits of Me
A stay at home mommy of 2 under 2. Married to the greatest man on earth. Child of Christ. Here to share the ups and downs of being home with my babies.

Work in Progress
First time mom to a beautiful baby girl seeking to honor God and my husband

Planet Lana
This is a blog dedicated to the goings-on and musings on Planet Lana. A not so scary place once you get used to it.

Passionate Living
Passionate living challenges others to live life passionately--transforming tragedy, pain, and loss into a life of joy, purpose, and passion. I am amazed at the powerful stories of lives changed by Christ ...

Entertaining Angels
Our family adventures

Whistling in the Dark
A blog about what transpires when the writing life meets the mommy life.

Just About Anything
Musings on faith, everyday life, and challenges.

Sweet Tea and Grits
Daily miscellany and dreams of a true southern gal...

Sharpening Our Arrows
I consider it to be such a great joy and privilege to be Mom to five beautiful children (with #6 on the way). I am truly blessed by them and thankful for the opportunity I have to teach and train them ...

Jesus, Take my Baton!
1 Corinthians 9:24 Run the race. Daily I ask Jesus to take my baton because I can't run this race of life by myself. I am an empty nested mother, kind of, my 3 children are raised 23,21,& 20, however ...

In His Grace
About a girl named En (grace).

a woman's journey
A devotional blog in Spanish (and sometimes in English,in which I write a little bit of my journey in search of wonder, a small window to my daily walk with God.

The Bluebird of Happiness Comes to Tea
Musings of a "keeper at home"...Longing to live a surrendered life, Endevocommunity to learn the precious art of homekeeping, And yearning to be evermore under the healing wings of headship...

Exceedingly Abundant
About my exceedingly abundant life that comes only by the grace of God complete with a 3 1/2 year old, a 21 month old, and a wonderful husband, who is also a wonderful preacher (no bias here!)--it's not ...

Words of A Wolfe
My photography, paired with Bible Verses and devotional topics

I fell in love with a man named Jesus
My journey as a christian, single mom in this world we call home.

Love, Laughter & Laundry
A mother of 5 talks about her life, family and faith.

In The Midst Of This Season
There are many seasonings to flavor a meal, but they don't necessarily taste great when experienced at the same time. So too are the seasons of my life. I prefer to savor them individually (good or bad, ...

Rumble of Thoughts
Rumble of thoughts from a working mother on various subjects that touch my heart... Family, Spirituality, Parenting, Politics.... anything

Refuge for a Single Mom
A blog dedicated to single moms seeking a refuge from daily struggles.

Sister Talk
This is a blog dedicated to Sisters in the Lord. Some come for encouagement, some just to read, some just want to have someone to extend a hand and say, welcome :) So welcome to all Sisters, we look ...

Our Amazing Grace
Our personal blogs about God's grace in every area of our life.

Heavenly Ramblings
I started my blog as an online journal. Then realized how much fun it was to just "ramble" about my life. I blog about family, homeschooling, and mostly about Christian living.

Leaving A Legacy
A little spot of encouragement along the way. I hope something I share about my struggles and successes as a mom will be an encouragement to someone else out there!

Mainly a blog for our family and friends who aren't geographically close to keep up to date with our family.

Meditations From The Psalms

Growing in Grace
Inside the thoughts and days of a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, believer, and minister.

Quest of A Virtuous Woman
My journey to becomming the woman that God wants me to be.

Keeper of the Home
About home-making, obeying God's Word, and a place for my thoughts.

Mary and Martha
All about women who try and be everything to everyone.

And By Faith...the blog
The journey of a woman and her man in hot pursuit of their God.

Don't Just Manage Life-- Live It!
This site is designed to be a place to empower everyone to live a balanced life full of love and joy.

Mrs. Luckhurst
A traditional woman who is fed up of feminism and feminist mentality, who lives for God and Family, who likes home and homemaking so much, who likes needllework and ALL THINGS DOMESTIC AND FEMININE, ALL ...

Crafty Angels
The Crafty Angels site discusses the importance of developing a servant's heart; following Jesus' commands to care for widows, orphans, needy, and hungry; and helping women of all ages find ways to serve ...

Coming Alive
Reflections on turning 50...becoming the woman that God created me to be...looking back...looking ahead...living in the moment