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Community for websites with a Dark Shadows theme to them, the classic gothic, scifi, horror soap opera. Featucommunity any of the Dark Shadows characters or storylines. IE: Barnabas, Angelique, Julia Hoffman, 1840 storyline, 1795, 1970PT, etc. If your page is about Dark Shadows, then this is the community for you.

Dark Shadows - The Game
Website for the Onliine Mailing list game, Dark Shadows-The Game. Features the characters from the classic, gothic, soap opera, Dark Shadows. Featucommunity such favorites as, Elizabeth, Roger, Barnabas, ...

Dark Shadows RPG 1692
A PBem RPG about the Collins Family, when they first were cursed via Judah Zachery, and the consequential happenings afterward.

"Judah's Crypt Of Dark Shadows"
CCRR-EE--AAAKKK!!! Come into "Judah's Crypt Of Dark Shadows", a mausoleum of information about the classic gothic soap! Featucommunity a simplified FAQ, articles, a small photo page, and Links to more ...

"Judah's Crypt Of Dark Shadows"
Come inside "Judah's Crypt Of Dark Shaodws". there's no tell what might JUMP out at you! Features include a picture page, episode summeries, floor plans, FAQ and links, plus a whole lot more. Items added ...

Dark Shadows Backgrounds & Graphics
Website with FREE original Dark Shadows bordered backgrounds and buttons to use on Dark Shadows based websites,

Light Shadows
Four friends go back in time to the year 1897, not on an important mission to save someone's life, but because they have nothing better to do.

Dark Shadows community Submission Page
Page to submit sites to join the Dark Shadows Community.

Dark Shadows Community Home
Start page for the Dark Shadows Community. Images of some of the fav Dark Shadows characters.

A Three part story centered around the gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows and the characters on there.

Dark Shadows Awards Page
Site which gives awarss out for sites about gothic, classic, sci-fi, tv sow, Dark Shadows

Canton Chow Chows
A memorial site for a dog that was named after Quentin Colling. I made the background and buttons with a Quentin, Dark Shadows, theme. I have added Lake Applets of Collinwood & The Old House.

Has a Dark Shadows message board, Links section, Fanfiction section of stories and poetry on Dark Shadows, with pictures in many of the stories to illuistrate.