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This community is for dark,horror,vampire,sifi,ect.,{;}anything related to waraz or porno sites,ect will not stand a chance in hell of being accepted....

Await the Night
Dark poetry by CW. Hobbs

Haven of Dark Blood
The haven of the night has opened its doors to the dark hearted who live within the moon glow. Creatures of the night lurk in the mind's shadows while slayers race out with weapons drawn. Behold, here ...

The Cemetery Reborn
Abandon all hope, Ye' who enter here..

Friday The Thirteenth: Jason's Bloodbath
This site is dedicated to the FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH films, television series, and books. Site features: Pictures,story synopsis, body counts, chat room, web poll,online award,web novel preview,Jason Art ...

Bill's Unofficial Puppet Master Website
This site is dedicated to Full Moon Pictures PUPPET MASTER films. Site features: pictures, info, posters,chat,web poll, online award, and Legend of Andre Toulon and his Living Puppets section...Bloody ...

Patricia Snodgrass, Writer At Large
My professional website

The Darkest Soul
Creative vampire site