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Hey there! I'm Danmanga!(You may have heard of me!) My community has Anime/Manga images, info, reviews, fanfiction, fan-art, links, clubs, and lots'a other rippin' stuff!

Neo Anime
This is the original, and very old, Neo Anime page! It's made by me, Danmanga (you may have heard of me!). It has Anime/manga images, fan-fiction, fan-art, and links!

The Neo Anime Club
Howdy everyone! This site is the old homepage for the Grandville Neo Anime Club. Unfotunately, the club is no longer active.

TAMA Fanfiction
This site hosts a variety of fanfiction written by the members of TAMA (The AniManga Association)! We have a variety of fanfiction- Anime, Manga, Books, and Movies. This site also has Yaoi(m/m relationship) ...

It's an anime site dedicated to all of my favorite anime characters, shows, seiyuu etc.