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This community is for those who experience life in all its agonizing glory; they embrace the light and the dark as they flow with the winds of change. They move on because they believe that there is always room for hope. They are dreamers, individualists, idealists, wanderers, and bruised souls set on a never-ending healing journey. Do you belong here? Then join us!

Damned In Black
+i'll drink your blood to fill my emptiness...+

La lune photography
..a world silently spins..

The last of the day's shadows merged with the blackness of night and there was a moment of silence throughout the world.{;}

A Girl Encrypted
To defeat the past and break the encryption...

A part of my inner world.

Fuzzy Pink Bunnies! No, not really. I lied.

Summer Dying Fast

This is a dream blog of a self-awareness seeker. All dreams are real, and experienced by the author. I discuss dreams, lucid dreaming, OBEs & astral projection, healing, meditation, psychology, society ...

Finding Grace
Scriptural methods of Bible study illustrated via the old paths, for all faiths that believe in the Bible.