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This is not a place for the Jeffrey Dahmers of the world, but for those who know the difference between sensible outrage and anal retentive indignation; a place for good spirited irreverence and for any questioning of the accepted wisdom that some may find offensive, for no particularly valid reason. Pages which discuss Satan, Hell, the Gnostic demiurge or related topics in a more scholarly religious, philosophical or literary context, either Jewish, Christian, Islamic or other, are also most welcome, as is reasonably sophisticated black comedy. Not a good place for Fundamentalists, and New Agers definitely need not apply.(The key word is "literary"; the focus should be on your writing, something that might be expected to appeal to a communitymaster who has been to graduate school and is glad and proud of the fact that he went. Tabloid like sites with a postmodern sensibility are pointed in the direction of the Weird Sites communitys). Those wishing to join now need to drop by my homelist and post a request for me to open the community for them.

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One place where you can go to contact the ringmaster, or to find out about any updates to his sites if you should want to know about those, for some reason probably best left obscure. 1000 character ...

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What it's all about. Which, at the moment would seem to be filler - Ringsurf is forcing us to make our site descriptions be at least 1000 characters long, if we wish to update them, which is really ...

Café Satan
Where eternal d**nation never tasted so good :). A Chicago-based amateur improvisational theatre group. Nothing professional, we're just hobbyists. The current theme : No Exit on Prozac, with a better ...