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A community dedicated to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Dale Earnhardt, and the drivers belonging to DEI.

Dale Jr's. Playground
A page dedicated to the driver of the #8 Budweiser Chevy Monte Carlo. Site includes, Bio, Links, News, and Rants.{;}

Ticia's Dale Earnhardt Cabin
{;}A site dedicated to the late Dale Earnhardt driver of the Goodwrench Car #3. Site Includes, Bio, Poems, Links and Rants.


Nascar is an American association for stock car drivers, which holds a number of races each year. Some of the Nascar racetracks are oval while others may have one or more turns, depending on the type of track. Nascar also makes the strict rules for racing and stock car building that Nascar drivers must follow. If a Nascar driver breaks these rules, they can lose points and their team can be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Nascar has been criticized of late for its lagging safety standards. Though theyíve made many suggestions to increase Nascar driver safety, it has been slow to follow through. Nascar generally doesnít bother to follow through with proposed safety measures until after it results in the death of one or more of their drivers. A classic example of Nascarís irresponsible attitude when it comes to driver safety is the Dale Earnhardt Crash of 2001, which killed one of Nascarís best drivers of all time. Dale Earnhardt Sr crashed on the last lap of the Daytona 500, which his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr was also racing in. Dale Earnhardt has many Nascar drivers in his family, including his father and a bunch of his children. His wife was the daughter of a famous racecar builder.

Dale Earnhardt Sr

Ralph Dale Earnhardt, a Nascar legend, was born in North Carolina to Ralph Earnhardt Sr, a racecar driver. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr followed in his fatherís footsteps and became a Nascar driver himself. He won many Nascar races including a Daytona 500 race in the late nineteen nineties. He is ranked second in the world among Nascar drivers. Dale Earnhardt first married when he was 17 and had his first child. Dale Earnhardt soon divorced and was soon remarried to the daughter of a racecar builder, having many more children, including Dale Earnhardt Jr. Dale Earnhardt Jr was to become a Nascar driver like his dad, Ralph Dale Earnhardt, and his dad before him, Ralph Earnhardt Sr.. In the eighties, Dale Earnhardt and his wife created DEI, or Dale Earnhardt Incorporated. In the nineties, Dale Earnhardt Sr won a lot of Nascar races and was one of the best Nascar drivers. Tragically, Dale Earnhardt Sr died in the Daytona 500 on his last lap. His son, Dale Earnhardt Jr was in the same race and finished just after his dadís car crashed into the barrier. Since then, Nascar has had to increase its safety standards for Nascar drivers with safer car and track designs. There were rumours of a broken seatbelt after Dale Earnhardt Srís death, prompting the owner of the Nascar seatbelt manufacturing company to resign.

Dale Earnhardt Jr

Dale Earnhardt Sr put his money on the right kid. How could he have known that of all his kids, this one would be the next superstar racecar driver, making him Nascarís third Ralph Dale Earnhardt? Dale Earnhardt Jr, with his stepmother, owns a number of motor sport companies in the United States. Dale Earnhardt Jr was also born in North Carolina. Dale Earnhardt Jr. began his Nascar racing career when he was only 17 years old. He wrote a book about his rookie season with Nascar. Dale Earnhardt Jr, like his father before him, won a lot of Nascar races and broke a bunch of records. Sometime around 2005, Dale Earnhardt Jr got into a fairly serious accident himself. He was driving a corvette on his off time and hit a concrete wall, which sent his car into flames. Dale Earnhardt Jr receiver 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his neck, face and legs, partly because he wasnít wearing the proper protective gear. In another of Dale Earnhardt Jrís races, he used some illegal braces to attach stuff to his car and was caught. Nascar deducted 100 points from Dale Earnhardt and 100 from someone else who involved and fined his go-to woman a hefty one hundred thousand dollars.


DEI stands for Dale Earnhardt Inc. DEI is the team that Dale Earnhardt Sr and his second wife started in the eighties and who his son Dale Earnhardt Jr drove with for years. Just this year, Dale Earnhardt Jr announced that he would be leaving his late dadís DEI team to race for another Nascar team. Dale Earnhardt hopes to keep his old number, 8, but thatís still to be determined. Dale Earnhardtís fatherís number was 3, which was retired from all black Goodyear cars after the dale earnhardt crash.

Dale Earnhardt Crash

The Dale Earnhardt Crash that killed Dale Earnhardt should be a lesson to Nascar and all professional racecar drivers. It took the death of one of Nascarís greatest drivers to make Nascar pay attention to driver safety on their courses and improve Nascar car and track designs. Nascar fans were very upset when they heard about the Dale Earnhardt Crash and Dale Earnhardtís death that Sunday. Many Nascar fans blamed Nascar for not taking proper safety measures to protect their Nascar drivers. Since the dale earnhardt crash, Nascar has raised the bar for Nascar driver safety and has altered its racetracks to make hem less dangerous to Nascar drivers. Shortly after the Dale Earnhardt Crash that killed Dale Earnhardt SR, Dale Earnhardt Jr got into a crash that looked very similar to the crash his dad died in a week earlier. Amazingly, Dale Earnhardt Jr was fine. After the Dale Earnhardt crash, some fans blamed the driver behind Dale Earnhardt Sr for causing his death by bumping into the back of his car, sending him into the barrier where he was hit by another Nascar driver. Dale Earnhardt Sr suffered massive head trauma, which killed him days later in hospital