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Dedicated to the memory of a LEGEND, Dale Earnhardt #3, 1951-2001. If you love Dale Earnhardt and have a memorial,tribute or any webpage honocommunity the greatest race car driver of all time or any website having to do with DEI, JOIN us here! God Speed Dale, We will NEVER forget you! Love all your fans! :o)

A Tribute to Dale Earnhardt #3
This is a tribute to the Man in Black, the greatest driver to ever run the high banks of NASCAR. The page is simple but the meaning is great. Created by a fan. {;}

A Tribute To Dale Earnhardt From All His Fan's

In Memory of Dale Earnhardt
Just my Tribute to dale earnhardt.

The Mystical Place
The Myst

The Vicks
Alittle of everything and alot of nothing but something for everyone.Family Friendly.

Dina's Virtual Web Book
It's a family website with a couple of pages dedicated to the memory of Dale Earnhardt.

The Mystical Place's Earnhardt Memorial
The Myst

Who I Am
Special Tribute site for the Earnhardt Family in Honor of "Dale" we just began our site last month we just weren't ready it is still heart breaking, some pages are still in process each have bg music, ...

In Tribute To The Greatest Driver In Nascar "Dale Earnhardt"
Pictures, news articles, wallpapers, site url's, and more

A Tribute To A Legend
My site is a tribute to #3 Dale Earnhardt

Laura's Place
This site is dedicated to my family and also to the greated NASCAR driver in the world, Dale Earnhardt! We will miss you FOREVER Dale

Dale Earnhardt 1951-2001
a memorial tribute to Dale Earnhardt

Smiley's Dale Earnhardt Fan Page!!!
{\0/}God's Speed Dale Earnhardt{\0/}{;}An awesome site for an awesome man! Lots of links, stats, info, bio, slideshows, message board, plus a lot more! A must see site :-)

A Dale Earnhardt tribute page
A Dale Earnhardt tribute page contains a poem written by my uncle Nolan Hall, The Country Cousin{;}

Dales Communitys
a site made in tribute to the greatest

Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt, NASCAR legend and founder of Dale Earnhardt Inc, a company that makes stock car-racing memorabilia, lost his life in a racing accident while competing in NASCAR’s Daytona 500 of 2001. Today, Dale Eanrhardt is dearly missed by his family and loyal fans. Dale Earnhardt comes from a family of stock car racers, including his father and his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr, who happened to also be racing in the Daytona 500 race that his father died in. Dale Earnhardt Jr and Dale Earnhardt sr were not the first father and son to race against each other in a NASCAR race. In fact, in one race, Dale Earnhardt Sr competed against two of his children, which had happened once before in another NASCAR race. So how is it that whole families get involved in NASCAR racing? Apparently NASCAR is the second most watched sport in the United States, after football. This to me is incredible because I don’t know a single person who admits to watching NASCAR. In fact, I am the only one of all my friends who has dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper in my bedroom. Believe me, real dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper is not easy to find. If you do a quick search on the net for dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper, you think you’ve struck gold until you realize that they’re all dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper for your computer. You’ll have a much harder time finding dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper for your home. If you can’t find dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper at a home improvement store, you may have to make the wallpaper yourself. There are a number of ways to go about doing this. You could buy plain wallpaper and try to run it through your printer to create your own personal dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper. Another option is to buy enough dale earnhardt sr posters to cover your walls and glue them to your wall side by side. If you’re at all artistically talented, you can paint a dale earnhardt tribute mural on your wall.

Dale Earnhardt Sr

Dale Earnhardt Sr. was the son of a racecar driver and as soon as he was old enough, began racing stock cars like his dad. He married very young and had one child with his first wife. Dale Earnhardt soon divorced and married the daughter of a stock car maker. Dale Earnhardt had several more children with his second wife – among them was his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr. A number of Dale Earnhardt Sr’s children also became stock car drivers and sometimes competed against their father in races. Dale Earnhardt Sr won a lot of races and broke several world records during his extensive career as a stock car driver. Dale Earnhardt Sr’s racing career ended tragically in 2001 in a racing accident. His son, Dale Earnhardt Jr was competing in the same race but didn’t realize the seriousness of the accident until after the race. Dale Earnhardt Sr lost control of his car on the third turn of his final lap and crashed into a concrete barrier. Dale Earnhardt Sr received massive trauma to his head which led to his death shortly after. Dale Earnhardt Sr’s death brought NASCAR fans to question NASCAR’s policies regarding NASCAR driver safety.

Dale Earnhardt Tribute

There are many different ways for you to create your own dale earnhardt tribute. One way, as discussed earlier, is to buy or make your own, dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper for your home or computer. Another way to honour the memory of dale earnhardt sr is to write a tribute song. Whether you’re a country super star or a regular joe NASCAR lover, a good country song about dale earnhardt jr is always welcomed. One thing we don’t want to have happen to dale earnhardt sr, is for him to be forgotten. It’s important that we keep his memory alive not only as a NASCAR legend, but as a reminder of the importance of car and driver safety in NASCAR events.

Dale Earnhardt Memorial Wallpaper

A great way to commemorate Dale Earnhardt Sr is with dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper. You can find dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper on dale earnhardt fan sites. Though some dale earnhardt memorial wallpapers are free, you may have to pay for special dale earnhardt memorial screensavers and pictures. You can get dale earnhardt sr memorial wallpaper with a single picture of dale earnhardt sr or a collage of pictures of dale earnhardt sr. You can also find dale earnhardt memorial wallpaper with pictures of dale earnhardt sr’s black car or even a simple number 3. Dale earnhardt sr always drove a black car with a white number three on the hood. Dale Earnhardt senior also dressed all in black with reflective sunglasses when he raced and become known as the intimidator to NASCAR fans. After the tragic death of dale earnhardt sr, NASCAR retired the black car with number 3 on it. After his death, a white car with a black number 3 on the hood was driven as a tribute to dale earnhardt sr.

Dale Earnhardt Tribute Song

For those NASCAR fans who prefer to express their grief through song, there’s a dale earnhardt tribute song. To listen to the dale earnhardt tribute song, or to order a copy of the dale earnhardt tribute song on CD, have a look for “the dale earnhardt tribute song” on the Internet. If you’re a big dale earnhardt fan yourself, you might like to write and record your own dale earnhardt song. In fact, dale earnhardt fans would probably agree that you couldn’t have too many dale earnhardt tribute songs. One of my personal favourites is called “the black number three” dale earnhardt tribute song. Another great dale earnhardt tribute song is “riding with the legend” by country singer Keith Bryant. Keith Bryant wrote this song about Dale Earnhardt Sr’s ghost, after David Allen Coe’s “The Ride”, which was a tribute to the late Hank Williams.