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This DaimlerChrysler Community links web sites that have information pertaining to all DaimlerChrysler brands including Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, Dodge Trucks, Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Smart, Freightliner, Sterling, Setra, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, Adtranz, and more since its inception in 1998.

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Daimler Chrysler

One of the greatest innovations of the last century was the development and mass production of cars. What a long way the automotive industry has come since the time Henry Ford applied the principles of mass production to assembling his Model T. Although cars are now viewed as a possession that people needs, the automotive industry is a cutthroat industry that has spawned more losers than winners. One company that has managed to succeed and thrive in such a competitive industry has been Daimler Chrysler. Daimler Chrysler is one of the leading automakers in the world today and car lovers wait in anticipation when new chrysler cars are released. With its impeccable reputation, DaimlerChrysler looks to have a future that will shine as brightly as its illustrious past.

Founded in 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler, Daimler Chrysler is part of the legendary Big 3 of Detroit based automakers. Although the American automotive industry has become even more competitive with the rise of Japanese automakers, Daimler Chrysler continues to thrive and do big things. Through shrewd business deals and following the simple basic principle of producing cars that people will want, Daimler Chrysler has become a standard bearer for automakers. The adjectives power, reliable, and affordable are commonly associated with the DaimlerChrysler brand.

While DaimlerChrysler produces a number of fine automobiles under the Chrysler name, it is also the parent company for some of the world’s most recognizable automakers. From the prestigious Mercedes-Benz line to the rugged Jeep to the All-American Dodge line, Daimler Chrysler has been the creators of some of the world’s most loved cars. Previous automakers like AMC and DeSoto have been associated with the larger Daimler Chrysler family.

Chrysler 300

Despite its illustrious history, one of the biggest reasons why DaimlerChrysler has continued to be so successful has been its understanding that the car industry is all about the latest thing. Refusing to rest on its laurels, daimler chrysler continue to innovate and create automobiles that are considered events. One of its biggest successes in recent years has been its Chrysler 300. The chrysler 300 has been praised by hip hop superstars like Snoop Dogg and by respected automotive magazines like Motor Trend, which awarded the chrysler 300 with its Car of the Year Award in 2005. A redefinition of the full-size luxury car, the Chrysler 300 has roundly beat out its competitors – Buick LaCrosse and the Mercury Montego.

A rear wheel drive, the Chrysler 300 displays the touchstones of the daimler chrysler brand – performance and price. More affordable than its competitors while still providing all of those extra touches, the chrysler 300 is an incredible vehicle that continues to find acclaim. Powered by a 2.7-L EER V6 engine, the basic Chrysler 300 is a reliable vehicle that gets the job done. However, the chrysler 300c version of the Chrysler 300 line is an incredible vehicle and is the most popular of the five different versions of the Chrysler 300.

When Chrysler decided to bring back its Chrysler 300 letter series that had previously been bestowed to the company’s line of high performance luxury vehicles from 1955 to 1965, many car enthusiasts were angered. However, one look at the sleek chrysler 300c was all enough for all of these critics to change their mind. The chrysler 300c is powered by a 5.7 L Hemi V8 engine but is anchored by the latest of Chrysler technology. Both fuel efficient and rugged, the chrysler 300c is truly a rear-wheel drive phenomenon. One test spin with the chrysler 300 will make you understand why some people devote their lives to venerating this beautiful car.

Chrysler Crossfire

Although the Chrysler 300c may be one of Daimler Chrysler’s biggest successes in recent years, the company has also been humbled by underperformance in some of its other vehicles. Designed by Eric Stoddard, daimler chrysler had big hopes for the Chrysler Crossfire. The Chrysler Crossfire was the company’s replacement for the Plymouth Prowler and was set to dominate the rear wheel drive sports car market. Equipped with the best chrysler parts, the chrysler crossfire was initially introduced in 2004. However, the Chrysler Crossfire would stop production in 2007 due to low sales.

While the Chrysler Crossfire may not have received the amount of love that it probably deserved when it was released, the car is an incredible piece of engineering. With its 3.2 L 18-valve SOHC V6 engine, the chrysler crossfire did not tread away from Chrysler’s commitment to style and speed. Although the chrysler crossfire may not have met chrysler’s exceptionally large expectations, the car is finding new life among car lovers. The failure of the chrysler crossfire is more of a testament to the unpredictability of the car industry than it is of Daimler chrysler’s ability to produce excellent cars.

Chrysler Pacifica

One of the biggest automotive trends in the last decade has been the popularization of sports utility vehicles (SUVs). The desire for off-road vehicles caught a lot of automakers by surprise. However, Daimler Chrysler has always made a commitment to anticipating automotive trends and reacting by producing the best product possible for that industry. From its introduction to 2004 to now, the chrysler pacifica has done great things in the SUV market.

A mid-size crossover SUV that is roomy enough for the cross country trip with the family but rugged enough for a trip through the outdoors, the chrysler pacifica has been a raging success for daimler chrysler. Featuring an upscale interior and tons of interior space, the Chrysler Pacifica is one of the best examples of Chrysler producing fantastic cars that are diverse enough to appeal to a large number of people.

Chrysler Sebring

You may have heard of the automotive brand Chrysler Sebring. That is because it has been available in a number of different makes. Originally a mid-sized coupe, the chrysler sebring is currently available in two different versions. The chrysler sebring sedan is an innovative vehicle that currently features the Daimler Chrysler infotainment system, ‘MyGig,’ while the chrysler sebring convertible was the replacement for the popular Chrysler Lebaron.