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This is a community for people over 16 that have journals that are updated regularly.

Jodeman's Daily StirFry
A glimpse into the life of Jodeman.

Elusive Angel
Well- it's basically the web-blog of a goth-who-isn't-one, poetic-head, and utter blondilocks. Any questions? Good- because the answer floats somewhere on my sea of nonsense.

smalltime : : . . . 365 days in the life of a mug punter
a frequently updated report of the gambling misadventures and financial backsliding of a smalltime punter charting the action over a year of penny ante bets

The Kvetch Pit
A journal about abuse and general complaining. A place for one person to burn off some steam about personal things and every day events.

Reflections in a Dark Glass
The reflections I see in my own dark glass.

citron, seemed like a good idea at the time
My lovely diary, in various shades of yellow. Just like any other journal, with the added bonus of being about me.

These are my daily blahthings. I like to think of them as something between blah and blather. This is my personal journey of recovecommunity from surgery and attempting to get a novel published.

Daisy Apple Girl's La La Land
Daisy's Diary

Bob's Yer Uncle
random musings on life in and beyond New York City

Joshua King's Sphere of Thought
Enter the world of Joshua King, an artist, poet, musician, website designer, and college student. Updtated regularly, and anything but bocommunity. Step in, get hooked.