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Community for daemians. Do you know your daemon? Have a website or blog? Please join!


Double or Nothing
My own thoughts and experiences on the philosophy of daemonism.

Somewhere Between Here and There
Just a little personal site that includes a description of what a dæmon is, my blog, art, and writings. It is random! You have been warned.

Find Your Daemon
Examining Philip Pullman's concept of the "daemon" as it applied to the real world and compacommunity it to Jung's concept of the animus/anima.

.S O E X T I N C T_
Personal site to place short stories, etc usually concerning myself and/or daemons.

Alaska Street
A personal website that contains daemon-related stories, form analyses written by the owner, and links of interest. Will soon be updated with essays and other writings.

Based On A True Story
A personal site that includes opinions and experiences concerning daemons. Work in progress.

the Daemian community
The homepage of the community

Autumn Breeze
Just a personal site, with art, literature, random blurps and dæmon-related stuff. Not much on informing the public compared to some other sites... but still worth a visit? =3

The Corbeau Tenement
A personal site about Saffi and what goes on inside her head, with a daemon bit.

Nobody Owns A Cat
A personal web site, including a section on how talking to my daimon has changed my life.

Daemon Quest
A French website about Daemons and my experience.

die Seelekraft
The power of 2. 'Personal' website.

Musings on the Nature of Daemons
A compilation of a daemon and his girl's thoughts on a daemian's life.

My Daemon and Me
Some messing about and languistic doodles, with the general theme of my daemon.

The Daemon Wiki
A wiki about daemons.

Polish Daemon Page
The Polish daemian community.