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For all cyber pets and the people who enjoy adopting them.

My Love For Life
My site is family/kid friendly with a variety of pages: dedications to America and lives lost, my Native American heritage,my mom, my family. I have pages on cyber pets I have adopted, and my real pet ...

H&B Adoptionss
A nice lil' site where I adopt out cats,dogs, and fish.{;}

The Mysterious Kingdome
The Mysterious Kingdome awaits for all those who wish to enter this magical place. come visit a land where pegasus rule the skies, fairies sing and the Unicorn is King. Magic is only a mouse click aw ...

Cyber Collie
Adopt a cute, adorable Cyber Collie pup for your homepage. They're adorable, animated and have transparent backgrounds!! Totally **CUTE!!**

Sanctuary Basin Adoptions
Sanctuary Basin is home to many types of endangered mythical creatures, including the Basin Dragon. Help out by adopting an egg.

Kristyn's Babyz
Customize and Adopt your very own cute and cuddley cyber baby!!

The Mystic Realm of the Elements
The Magic Realm of the Elements is a little unique Cyberpet Adoption Agency where you can adopt many various Creatures!{;}We have five realms: the Forest Area ( open / deer-like creature ), Ice Area, Fire ...

Penny Adoptions
Small adoption site that doubles as a tribute page..... offecommunity pets and chibi characters.....

A Site about Cyber Mice, Cyber Kennels and soon A RL Rattery, Bellerson Rats, owned by me.

Wolf Moon Kennel
A little kennel with a few top-bred dogs. All dogs bred at lest once. Expanding on breeds. A little kennel with a big bark. The theme is, and will always be, Insanity ^_^

A groovy site featucommunity not only cyber pets, but Gargoyles, Lord of the Communitys, and other interests, as well as original works and a my cyber diary. Also, a ton more of suprises!

The Luffs Adoption Center, or LAC, has 3 available species: a fantasy dog, unicorn, or horse. Each species comes in various basic and detailed colours. Small, cute drawings.

Christmas Connections
Come in for some hoilday fun and adopt one of these lovey reindeer for Christmas! Thet need a good hme all year round!

cyber pets hotel
adopt a spotty,husky,chick or chippy also see my communitys and adopted pets{;}

On the adoptable angels page, I have some angels for people to adopt for their pages. ALso there are jokes, james bond, and my own social commentary{;}

Leeash Cavies
{;}An Australian Cavy(guinea pig) Stud with heaps of info, cute animated cavies to adopt.

LoL covers a varity of topicsd but has recently added an Adopt-a-Gargoyle page{;}

Purple Kennel/PurpleDog Kennel
a site with a few cyber dogs on it. it's new, so not many dogs are up. only 3 are up. I am finding more and getting more.

Rainbow Doggie
Adopt Multi-Coloured dogs that have character and spunk. You may choose a puppy that has already been bred or you can request a puppy with colours to express you. No dogs are alike, and each has it's own ...

Elsarrag Kennels
Elsarrag Kennels is a kennel for cyber dogs. You can adopt, show, breed, etc there. The site is just getting started but I promise it will be an awesome site!

This site is about our Caviary. I am not exactly sure about this cyber pets thing or how it works. I would like it on my website for my daughter if I cna figure it out. Please advise. I don\'t know how ...

Cyberhills Farm
adopt a cow :)