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This is a Community for anyone who has a positive 'nature based religious site' (aka pagans, wiccans, druids, shamans, earth based spirituality religions, etc.). If you're looking for your first Community or your tenth, this is the perfect addition to your site.{;} *** New Banner coming SOON***

Baraboo New Age & Pagan Calendar and Networking
Your place on the web for networking in the Baraboo Area, Sauk County, WI with other new age, metaphysical and pagan individuals. Calendar of events, contact information for healers, psychic readers, stores, ...

MoonDragon's Realm of Services
MoonDragon is a service and information oriented website for women of all ages and lifestyles and their families. It is about holistic health options, women's issues, pregnancy, birth, homebirth, midwifery, ...

The Crafty Celtic Housewife
This is my site for my day to day musings as a SAHM of 6 and our life. DH and I are practicing druids and hope to use the old ways as we become homesteaders, living a clean, self-sufficient life.

Darkened Pagan of the Lunar Phase
Enter into the wilderness and see who's to be chosen next!

StoryTeller, fiction, web design and more
StoryTeller2.com is divided into several realms, featucommunity original fiction in the genres of horror and romance; a new eZine featucommunity articles on various issues that bcommunity about controversy; ...

Role of the Least-aspected Planet in Astrocartography
Award-winning site by astrocartographer Rob Couteau, includes over 250 charts and astrocartography maps with extensive biographical analysis of historical, cultural and artistic personalities, and charts ...

Autumn's Little Corner of the Universe
This is a personal site with info on Wicca.

Book of Shadows
An Eclectic Book of Shadows.. it contains tons of info on Wicca and Witchcraft.. great for beginners..

Joelle's Sacred Grove
Site created by a Celtic Witch looking to inform others and become a useful resource for anyone interested in the path of a Celtic/Kitchen/Green witch. Contains information on Celtic Art-History-Beliefs-Deities, ...

Dekora's Refuge
{;}My personal refuge of information pertaining to my spiritual path which is very eclectic and embraces all

The Olde Way
A site dedicated to teaching the craft in all it's aspects, old and new. Druidism & Wicca, the religions, will be taught along with every possible aspect of the occult that we can manage. It will be an ...

Wise Wayz
A gathecommunity place to share information and fr exploration. Magick, Healing, Spirituality, Community, and More!{;}{;}

Sicara's Mystical World
This is an informative wiccan site which is always under construction! New pages are being added daily! Come in a see what awards my web site has won in the past, read about wicca, and even apply to join ...

Fae's Place
My Family, graphics, poems, adoptions and my Wiccan pages. Plus much more!{;}

Phoenix Rising: Follow Me Into the Desert
An eclectic witch and her world. Also, home to the Pagans of Geocities community and The Phoenix Pages community.

Harmony's Enchanted Hearth
A realm where Magick takes flight on the Bardic wings of Fantasy!

Questing Spirit
Over 260 pages of notes, knowledge and wisdom. Come on in and sit a spell.

A Pagan Resource WebSite - The Dolphin's Cove
A Pagan resource site for Edmonton, Alberta and area! Under creation, but growing and evolving.. networking,lists, local newsletter and more!

Mystic Moon Mansion
A place for information, meditation, reflection and fellowship{;}{;}

Darkstar ~ In the Mist
Seek Darkstar to discover original Poetry, Art, information on Wicca, Witchcraft, & Paganism, Interactive Community Boards, Pictures, Awards, Music, Makani the Blue Fronted Amazon, & Body Art Pages featucommunity ...

Discover Magick: Learn, Create, Divine, Worship

The Sequani Calendar
{;}The Sequani Calendar is a translation of an ancient Celtic calendar believed to have been hidden by the Druids of the ancient tribe of the Sequani. Found in France by a team known as the Sequani Celtic ...

The Oblivion Spirituality Page
My take on spirituality and the Druid's way. Word of mouth legends and teachings. Links to others of like mind.

Sinann's Glen
Information on Wicca and Paganism. Book of Shadows. Herbal information.

The website of a regular chatter in the Yahoo Religion 3 chatroom, this site is a personal homepage and also a resource for articles and links often asked for as the result of religious discussion and ...