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The Reverend Garibaldi McFlurry
A Deacon in the Church of God. Licensed to preach the Gospel.

Party Down and Go Fuck Yourself
Just me living my life and dealing with all the weird people I meet in Belfast

Out Of Nowhere Into Nothing

A Life in Northern Ireland
An honest account of a twenty somethings thoughts and experiences living in Northern Ireland.

Gerry and Kate.
A little bit of everything from Belfast.

words & pictures shared by d@\/e

Ardoyne Republican
Unashamed Republican history, News and Craic from the Ardoyne area of North Belfast.

Flippin' Yank in Norn Iron
The trials and tribulations of a Filipino-American Catholic living in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Mr Ulster
Working for a cohesive Northern Ireland society.

You're always glad you came.

A 33 year old, self-employed, single mum (me) tackles life without wine via the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step recovery programme. Latest news? - just made it through a stay in a psychiatric hospital... ...

For the Hearts of a Generation
A blog about the various aspects of pop culture that clog my head up when I'm doing everything else.

1690 an all thon
An Ulster Scots Histry o' Ireland, an' oer pish we come up wi'. Mainly oer pish. ...

The Failings of the Progressive Unionist Party
The PUP would seem to have so many things in it favour. Socialist in an urban area, pro-union (for a unionist electorate a difinite plus) and anti-sectarian. Yet the party fails miserably at elections. ...

Loughside Literature
The Fermanagh Creative Writing Group’s blog. We are a small but active writers’ group with a core of eleven or twelve members who meet regularly in Enniskillen. It’s difficult to define our group. ‘Diverse’ ...

Dunlewey Muses
Evolving site for writing in Northern Ireland ,Wa originally established for a writing group but the horizons are expanding rapidly

The 'biz 'about books, authors and publishers from and in Northern Ireland... " I'd been asked to speak at a networking event for book publishers in Northern Ireland,which I didn't do. I'm that shy ...

Daily Blog! Not your traditional text blog ... I Vlog!(Video Blog) with the occasional standard text blog thrown in. I started doing the whole blog/vlog thing as I wanted to document my life with ...

A wandering Pilgrim
I'm a young sinner saved by Grace wandering like Bunyan's Pilgrim on the oft dangerous road towards that Celestial City where my Master reigns. Though young I like Christian have met Mr. Worldly Wiseman ...