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THE SCORPIO BLOG RING!!! We're Scorpios, and proud of it! For those Scorpios (and Scorpios only) that maintain a blog (weblog) in cyber space. No commercial sites, no hate, no illegal material.

This is my blog and collective of random things of interest. From time to time it will host my graphics and links to other weblogs. My birthday is October 28th, 1980. I am a Scorpio to the highest d ...

Ravings of a Corporate Mommy
This is the world of a thirty-something Scorpio (11/13) who is wife to Scandanavian Virgo and mother (voice of reason, pack mule, chauffeur, boo-boo kisser and partner-in-mischief) to a coppery Virgo son ...

Birthday is October 27 1961. Site is just a personal reflections blog and place to chat with others. Only recently started.

Irresistable Enigma
Sexy Scorpion thats me, Not even fire can burn like me. 23 yrs old born on oct 30th. I am not your typical scorp ,so hold on for the ride.

Dianne Rambling on...
My site is about my life and interests as a middle-aged domestic goddess. My birthday is Nov.19th.

The Intricacies of Purple
My birthday is November 13, 1984. My site is just a personal web log, nothing fancy. But kind of funny, I hope.

my life is fuckin crazy
Hey people, my site\'s pretty interesting, hard to sum it up in few words. But I was born on HALLOWEEN so I\'m a scorpio...I swear :)

Highlighting blogs from the D.C. Metro area of the United States! Including: Washing DC (The District of Columbia), Virginia (VA), and Maryland (MD).

Scorpios, and proud of it! For those Scorpios (and Scorpios only) that maintain a weblog.

the musings of a 20-something pittsburgh geek-chick and true scorpio (born nov 9)

Lost Emotions
Walking through my past I hope to discover more of my self and reach a higher level of understanding posibbly with your help. Poetry and Thoughts of a 09NOV1975 Scorpio.

Flavor du Jour
Tasty morsels for your brain to snack on. Site owned and operated by Danielle, a true scorpio, born November 6, 1980.

Miasma in the House of Bite Me
Grassroots journalism & commentary on current events, cyberculture, technology, privacy, & interactivity, with a little new criticism, feminism, postmodernism, radical pedagogy, & new media theory thrown ...

Waiting For Heaven
Personal Website and Blog. Born on November 9th.

Zia's World Freeing my mind ...........ahh! that feels good!
Hello all this is my personal purge zone. Although I welcome any intelligent converstaion, you'll mostly find me aicommunity out my brain to the world. Scorpios forever 10/23/72

A personal weblog of Murray Neill, a Scorpio born November 1971. Keen photographer, kayaker, and kite buggy pilot. Lives in Nelson, New Zealand.

24 October 1987

The passions of granulife
Insane poetry, and original electronic music. 11-12

Lexicon of the Scorpion
This is the site of Alexis Hernandez, conceived by the dark horse of Pisces and Aires in a cemetery, born under a blood red full moon on October 26th 1981. The most interesting person you may ever meet ...

Me & My Solitude...
Birthday - 24th October

One Set Of Footprints
11/12/86 collection of thoughts and poetry

A Scorpio\\\'s Crazy Life
My name is Jessica Anne Navalta-Lakey. I am 20 years old and I fall under the definition of a true scorpio. Believe me. I was born at 2:30 am November 21, 1984.

Scopius the scorpions! (November,10)


Glib Gibberish
Mindless babbling by a 30-something single gal stuck in an office in Southern California. November 8.