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Click Member link to see site in tvPlease Help John Out!
John badly needs your help. PLEASE help him out.

Please Help me!!!Send me back to my country, i miss my family!
My name is Jessica,Im 24 years old,Im a brazilian girl living in Australia and I am a foreign in need. i want to go back to my country but i dont have enough money.I need to go back to Brazil,i am here ...

help a student mom
Single mom with three special needs kids, 50K in student loans and I still need to finish. I'm a domestic violence survivor who just wants to work but need child care and transportation. Help me help myself. ...

Building A Rocket
Decided I didn't like the direction NASA was going with their human space flight program and began work on my own designs. Pricey adventure, but not as much as you'd think

Save Jenn
Hi, come on over and check out my site! While you're there, read my net story and donate a buck or two! Thanks!

Please Help The Watts Family
We are a Philadelphia family seeking help so that we can help others. We need funds so that we can open transitional housing for homeless families.

Lost My Job - please Buy My Stuff on eBay!
A link to my eBay items for sale, where I am trying to raise money after losing my job. I am not begging outright for money, just trying to survive by selling my treasures and making other people happy ...

Click Me A Mini
Please Help Me Get A Mini Cooper for School! All i ask is that you click just one ad for me. You lose nothing, except a few seconds. Thank you!

I Have a dream
I want to be debt-free so I can take my daughter to an Ireland-vacation. Dont we all have somekind of dreams.

Send Me Money, Please
Send me money, Donate money, Give me money, e-pan handling, Cyber begging

Business Startup
Trying to start a home business to get off welfare

Please Read My Story
My story of how my attempt to escape debt has made things worse. I truly need help.

pseudo stepmom
Help me earn money to get custody of my kids

Agoraphobic Needs Help
Agoraphobic mother needs your help.

Please Bless Us
Single 35 yr old diabetic mother of a six year old seeks help in evergrowing debt due to job loss after a heart attack and the funds to build an ecommerce website for her failing catalog company.

Help Dick Mac Live
Help Dick Mac Live by sending money! PayPal accepted! No amount is too small! Optionally, Dick Mac will be your Friend for a nominal fee.

Help The Salon
Need help in expanding salon for further teachings.

i need help starting my buisness
I'm not going to lie and tell some heart bleeding story. I am 14 years old I live in a small town in the OH.Me and my friends are starting a buisness and we need a good 4000-5000 dollars.We NEED your help ...

I really need some help
Help us keep our home

Katrina Victims 3

Please help my family
Hi and my apologies for being so bold but I am in desperate need of help. My name is Barbara Baker and I am going through a lot of physical, financial and emotional problems right now. I am at whits end ...

Cyber-Beggar - Single Dad Needs Help
I am a single dad who is down on My Luck. I lost my job and have been through a very nasty Divorce. My Truck is broke and needs Brakes, Air conditioning (We have many 100 degrees days in the summer) ...

Help me see my favorite band!
My favorite band rescheduled their shows and so I have to pay to travel halfway across the country AGAIN to see the shows - please help me out!

"How poor are they that have not patience!"
Help me spend the summer with Shakespeare!

Headed for In Vitro
We are raising money to undergo IVF fertility treatments.

Please help us keep our house
Multiple Scerosis is a disease of the milan shaft of the brain. Over time it causes lessions in the brain that look like white out marks on a x-ray. I have lessions on my brain that have now traveled ...

I just recently got laid off from work, My whole life I've been driven to make it on my own and not ask anyone for anything, Until Now, I have made payment arrangements and as of the 19th and soon after ...

Help me!!!! - Even just a couple of pence
Hi I have just turned 25 and was made redundant 2 months ago. Since I had only been at the company 6 months I didn't get a redundancy payout! I have done a bit of bar work since but it is only minimum ...

College student in debt who needs your help
This summer I decided to do some promotional modeling for a beer company, rather than work a regular 9-5 job. It involved a lot of driving all over the state of NJ, even with the ridiculous gas prices. ...

Please help, starving artist needing to graduate college
Hi, I am in desperate need of rent money. I'm graduating this month and my rent is past due. I need to be able to stay in my apartment so I can graduate. I would be forever grateful. Thank you for ...

Help with insurance
We are looking for sponsors to support our outreach program. We help needy pregnant mothers, single mothers, etc. We are trygint to raise enough to be able to donate baby items as well as maternity items. ...

Help me start a business so I can help the poor!
Use my donate link at my website. I need at least $300 to start a daytrading business that will earn me $50-$100 a day to help the poor in my area. Thanks!

Online Beggar: Come Help Yourself Or Someone
For those in need you get your own picture enabled webpage to post your story. We also have live open chat and online job search. Donors please come donate to our members.

Please Help me Get to L.A by July 4th
Basically i have been saving up to get to L.A. I am an aspiring actress, I finally have gotten a great opportunity, I just need the help getting to L.A. I am $3000 short. I am trying to get a sponsor ...

Clear debt so that i can help MARIE CURIE CANCER CARE charity...
Hi there, I truly need your help. I desperately want to climb MOUNT KILIMANJARO so that i can help raise much needed funds for MARIE CURIE CANCER CARE. (Please see details below about MARIE CURIE) The ...

Please help my family
Our story for needing you help. Please donate if you can.

Evi needs help!
Help Evi pay off her debts!

Help! I am 15 and worried about my family
Please go to my website! We will lose our house if you dont help!God bless you!

Mom of 2 children wants money
I know it is too bad. But I want a little money to live happy and proud with my children. $1 is not big for you. Could you please give me. I don't want to be rich. Ive got marriage on 2003. Now I have ...

Thanks for coming to read this page. Although it is with great reluctance that i am writing or asking for help as i have never done this before but the current situations i am in i am left with no choice ...

My Kids Need Bedrooms
Hello Sir/Madam, I really appreciate the opportunity to make this request. You are providing a great service to people (even if you choose not to help me). I'm a little embarrassed to tell my story ...

help me please
I have been running a rescue from home for 2 years now............. Sadly i cannot afford to feed the animals or pay fuel bills and it has got to the point where me and my two young daughters will ...

I need 1 off 2500 people to pay off loan shark
Hello. I hate hate hate that I'm having to do this, I know that a lot of you will either be scornful towards me or suspicious of me - trust me I don't blame you. I ask that you read this with an open ...

desperate disabled family needs help for kids
A desperate christian family who are disabled parents who need help to pay the bills while waiting for social security to be approved. Never believed in begging, only hard work, but hard times have fallen ...

PLEASE, HELP ME! GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS. I need help. I don't know what to do anymore... I'm unemployed and don't have money to pay the rent and other bills... If you are fortunate, please ...

Premed princess cyberbegs
I am a 29 year old non-traditional student looking for help with my tuition, basic living expenses, and other miscellaneous costs. If you can spare some help to me I'll definitely be appreciative. In fact ...

.:: The Bailout Project
The Bailout Project is a privately, yet independently managed project created by a young indie artist. The birth of this project began after he became unemployed and started brainstorming ideas to generate ...