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Created by CyberBeggar.org, a unique website dedicated to Cyber Beggars throughout the World Wide Web (now defunct). Now maintained by Cyberbeg.org - free Cyberbeggar listings. OK! What is Cyber Begging? You'll find out that answer soon.

Give to and Unborn baby
I desperately need infant items, I am 18 years old and five months preganant. I am unemployed, stressed and suffer from high blood pressure. Please give to my Unborn son.

Save Kevin
This is a site dedicated to raising money for my friend Kevin so he can come on choir tour with us next year.

Dreaming of College
I just need some help please.

Family of 7 Desperately Needs Your Help
I have run out of ideas and places to turn. Our family is desperately in need of help to get back on our feet. We have 5 loving children that are going without many things right now, and even as tight ...

Future Nun!
Help me pay off me cedit card debt and become a cloistered nun. Site also offers tips on cheap living, Catholic living and general random opinions about the world

Support Emily's College Fund
Help little Emily secure her future by donating to her college fund.{;}

Poor College Student
Help a poor college student finish her education! More money is spent on federal elections than funding for post high school education!

Support an Artist
Hey, it isn't easy being a struggling writer! But you can help. All it takes is a dollar to bcommunity a smile to an artist's face.

Help Miks Mom
Struggling single mom trying to make ends meet. Please help me help myself.

Send Erin To London
Help a college student raise money to afford an internship in London, England

Lend A Hand Helping America Grow From Within
{;}Families in need of help. In return implementing a pay it forward plan to help America grow from within. In turn helping itself, neighbors helping neighbors, cleaning up its streets and feeding, clothing, ...

Help Save Our Happy Home!
We need money to save our home from forclosure due to the mortgage company going bankrupt and never paying the property taxes! Please help save our happy home.{;}

Cash for GAIL
Gail has cancer and her bills are piling up. For as little as $1.00 I will put your name, city and message for everyone to see. Please help Gail.

Help a struggling guy get back on track!
A death in the family and some bad choices put me where I am today. Please help me get back on track so I can go back to school!!

"Help Ronald"
It is the beginning of a site...for me Ronald asking for help....while I await my disability to be approved.

Invest in Echo Graphics
Visitors can learn how to invest into a Graphics business, to provide start-up capital and make a dream come true.

Myryydan's Search for a Miracle
Christmas poem,holiday blues,make donations,getting evicted, help pay past dues, poems,art,photos, Christmas, Christmas poem, holiday blues, make donations, getting evicted, help pay past dues, seasonís ...

Myrydyan's Search for a Miracle
Christmas, Christmas poem, holiday blues, make donations, getting evicted, help pay past dues, seasonís greetings,long winter nights, humble plea, set me free, have a heart, free art, poems, and photos ...

Help me feed my kitties!
Do you love cats? I do too but I have too many kittens to feed. Please help me feed them!

They deserve more
my daughters need help to become the wonderful adults they have the potential to be. They have already achieved so much without help, with help the world will be theirs..... thank you

Please Help A Brotha Out
help a young man get started in life

Help the crazy lady
Help the crazy lady buy her husband a new car for his birthday AND some new boobs for herself!

Sue's Broke
Sue's big time broke and desparately in need of just a little bit of cash. I don't need much, just about $1500.00 would get me back on my feet. I'm a good person, and I'd be ever so grateful if you would ...

Save Shannon
A save me site with a twist..check it out.

I hate to beg
Just read my story please, Or send an email for more information.