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The relocated ORIGINAL Community Dedicated to Anything and Everything "Chamorro", in other words anything related to Guam, Saipan, Rota, Tinian, or any of the Mariana Islands. Everything from business, informational/showcase sites about the islands to personal web pages from people who just want to say they're from the islands. We may just be a tiny dot on the global map, but on the web we can be as larger than life as anyone and anyplace else - so feel free to invite anybody concerned to this to join our community!

The Salas Family Webpage
Pictures of family and friends getting together and showing the chamorro culture of the way we live...

Mike's Saipan Page
This site attempts to answer some of those questions I commonly receive about Saipan and to provide links to a few more sources of information about Saipan.

Kopbla Amerika
Kopbla Amerika - is run by the Chamorro Information Activists and is committed to perpetuating the Chamorro way of life and increasing Chamorro awareness of their history and their relationship to the ...

Personal website of the Santos Family. Lots to see and learn at chamoruboy.com. Chamoru songs, Chamoru prayers with sound files, downloads, original poems and other writings in Chamoru. Much more to explore ...

Photos by Mona
This is a personal photojournal of my travels through the islands and the US Mainland. Includes photos of Guam, American Samoa, Hawaii and several cities in Texas. Will add more as my travels continue. ...

Reppin' 670 in da 808
representin' 670 pride in the 808 state. come on in and see pictures, literature, and more...buenas yan saludu!

Janey & Clarence Place
hafa adai, welcome to our site .. i'm originally from Malesso. my husband is from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Paul and Melissa Taitingfong-Salas
Personel site. Come and see!!!

A blog dedicated to Chamorro issues and the use of the Chamoru language. Posts are in English or Chamoru and range from general news, political issues, decolonization, cultural survival, cultural promotion, ...

A Guam Chamorro/Chamoru Zine dedicated to three things: 1. The decolonization of Guam, and supporting the achievement of whatever status the Chamorro people choose. 2. Protection of Chamorro culture. 3. ...

Jesse and Ruby
Jesse and Ruby« Jesse Sablan Bais and Ruby Aquiningoc Santos Singers and Songwriters - From Guam with Love

The Chamorro Community Homepage
This is my personal family web page project, and is still in evolution. Family photos, odds and ends, etc.. It's also the home of the newly relocated Chamorro Community!

Hafa Adai ginen Guam!
Just linking in island news and a pathway to island fun

Sindalun Chamorro
Personal website of Deyna Apatang - contains Chamorro recipes, music, and pictures.

The Rapolla's
Lots of pictures of our family thru the years and some of our friends.

Nilibre is a Guam-based organization advocating for the political status of Free Association with the United States; Chamorro sovereignty; the return of Chamorro ancestral lands; the preservation of the ...

The Saipan Blog
What started off as the story of two Americans (one being half Chamorro) trying to get into the Japanese English Teaching Program turned into the story of two gaijin Livin' La Vida Takaoka...then we moved ...

Saipan Writer
Ranting and droning about the writing life, politics and living in Saipan.

Entertainment and funů Find what Saipan has to offer from Bars to Spas in Saipan, Information, Advertisement, Guide, Pictures and Jobs. Also Check out our Promotions page.

Home site of Priscilla and Bob Johns
Home page of Priscilla and Bob Johns. All you ever wanted to know about Guam U.S.A. and much more...

Traveling Generations (Pacific Islands Soap Opera)
This is a fictional drama based on the lives of adolescents from different cultures and how they communicate despite the language barrier. It's not a novel nor is it a compilation of short stories rather ...