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Like me, my site lacks true focus. But we're both highly entertaining, nonetheless...

Adventures of a Busy Mama
knitting, spinning, kids, and life in general.

Mele Ho'omaika'i
Where inspirations and thoughts culminate to create a bit of quilting, a bit of knitting, a bit of musing

A Knitter In Queens
All about my addiction to knitting.

Rose Knitted Glasses
The story of a newbie knitter and of how knitting has made her see life in a wonderful new way

Rooted in Knit-reality
A blog about knitting and any other interests I have at the moment.

k1, (knit one)
A sistah's blog about knitting and life in general.

Unfurnished Brooklyn
Knitting, motherhood, knee-jerk reactions. And lots of coffee (which might explain the knee-jerking).

Nubian Craftster
My site is a place to showcase all my crafts whatever they may be at the moment

The Yarn Dragon
Chit Chatter about knitting, spinning and soon sewing and other interests.

The brown knitter
Stay at home/work at home mom,wife,soapmaker,clothing designer, all around crafty chick. And guess what...... Im a sistah!

Creativity Knitgirlll06 Style
Just making a commitment to create my style and share it with family and friends

I have been a fibre addict since the age of 10 when I first learned how to crochet,knit,and sew. This site is devoted to mainly to my knitting and any other outlets of my creativity or thoughts on design, ...

Proof that you can teach an old broad new tricks!

Teylas Life
Teylas zangy life in all phases..

Kinky Coils & Stcommunity
This blog is a glimpse into my menagerie of natural "nappy" hair and all things knit and crochet. Since our hair is like stcommunity it's only natural that they go together. Enjoy!

Urbanknitrix with flava

Busy mom Paula's blog for easy knitting
Busy mom Paula's blog for easy knitting

A Little Lagniappe

Heavenly Babies
I'm a sister that knits and crochets mainly for others, but aspire to knit something for myself this year!

Knitting blog / online diary

Knitting, knitting and more knitting, and a few political comments here and there.

A Crafty Obsession
a site about my love of everything crafty, yarn, and my family. Oh, and the search for my next favorite handbag.

Spare Room Knits
Here you can get a "purl-by-purl" on what I get up to in my spare room; just me and my yarn tower. I might also mention things like my pending marriage, family happenings, our dog Kobe Jackson, current ...

Another Girl in a Red Jumpsuit
I've been knitting for about two years (yes, about the time it got popular). Better late than never! I also blog about family, friends, travel and politics.

Sistah Friends Knitting Circle
The Virtual Home of Sistah Friends that knit, crochet, sew, make jewelry, etc etc. Simply Crafty sistahs!

KnittyKitty Knits in the Tropics
Just another knitting blog... but with a Caribbean twist

The Brown Berry Chronicles
A tagalong journey with a knitting/crocheting mom who makes time for work since it pays the yarn bills.

Finger's Fancy - a Craft Blog
A knitting and crochet blog written by a pro-diversity white woman living in Canada.

Knitting and crocheting blog

It's a journal of knitting

La Guaria del Bosque
An Afro-Latina blogging about knitting in the hope of learning new skills and finishing UFOs while ranting about various topics.

A knitting website in which I am constantly battling myself over what to knit first. Then again, what knitter doesn't have that battle? The bigger question is... how am I going to fit all of this yarn ...

Blog of knitwear designer, Cheryl Beckerich

Spare Room Knits
Treasures from the nearly forgotten space

MyDzire 4 Yarn
To knit or knot to knit.....is this a trick question?

The Knitter's Restaurant
Knitting and loving and life - OH MY!

Ladedah Knits
A Blog dedicated to knitting and all things FUN!

My Minds A Stage
I'm a native american woman(who appears white) who knits spins, weaves, and does native quill embroidery, and talk about it all on my blog!

Fly Honey
Knitting, crocheting, spinning. Hip Hop optional.

A blog dedicated to knitting and all things FUN!