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a community for personal/journal type sites.

>> i <3 u.s.a. <<
personal blog. poems. quotes.{;}

untitled <---it's a sad state.--->
i like muffins. it's the toast that must be stopped.

A personal site with some oohs, aahs, and moans. See a threesome. And you can't leave without experiencing the big "O". Or The Cathouse...{;}This bordello has plenty of rooms occupied by the famous, ...

Home of the Happy Wanderer
I have started journals before, but because I like to throw in a lot of links and pics, and silly visual details I tend to lapse, so I've started a weekly journal, come see my journal, as well as the rest ...

Deadline Pressure
After earning a degree and landing his dream job, we find our hero wondecommunity if just a bit of contentment might be okay.

I am a dirty boot. I come from down your way.
A hash-pash of half-consumed tid-bits.{;}

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

The idle ramblings of one girl with a little too much free time at work...