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This community is for Demolition Derbies and all aspects of the sport.

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Demolition Derby

One of the greatest innovations of the last century has been the development of the automobile, and with it, the demolition derby. The automobile has truly altered the way that we as individuals transport ourselves. However, showing the ingenuity that makes us nature’s number one creatures, we have managed to find different uses for automobiles. Although, this is most evident in the popularization of automotive racing circuits like NASCAR, Indy Racing League, and vintage car racing, there is another way that humans have used cars as a source of entertainment, the demolition derby. Many demolition lovers would say that the only real sport involving cars are the ones that are used in a Demolition Derby.

Demolition Derby

So, what exactly is a demolition derby? Well, the beauty of the demolition derby is its simplicity. In a demolition derby, a number of demolition derby lovers get old cars and destroy them. A demolition derby driver will gut an old car from a scrap yard and alter it to make it as crash resistant as possible. Demolition derby drivers might adorn their demolitions derby cars with some spray paint or some such cheap stuff. Then the demolition derby car drivers get together at a demolition derby and drive into one another until only one demolition derby car remains. Actually, a demolition derby is much like bumper cars but with real cars and much more exciting crashes. If you like watching car crashes, a demolition derby might be the thing for you. Demolition derby cars get absolutely crumpled until they can no longer move. Needless to say, participating in a demolition derby is a dangerous game. Only professional demolition derby drivers should participate in a demolition derby. However, a few fearless amateurs have been known to enter into a demolition derby. In my demolition derby lover’s honest opinion, and I’m sure most demolition derby drivers agree, the best demolition derby fun to be had is watching the professional demolition derby drivers show off and do their demolition derby tricks.

Demolition Lovers

Entering into the world of demolition derby is a great thing and everyone has their own ‘first demolition derby’ story. Demolition derby lovers taunt me to this day for my massive demolition derby faux pas. I learned the hard way that a demolition derby is not to be confused with a monster truck race, which is something entirely different to a demolition derby. A friend of mine, a true demolition derby lover, asked for demolition derby tickets for his birthday. He told me there was no greater pleasure than being amongst fellow demolition derby lovers at a demolition derby on your birthday. So I bought him two tickets to what I thought was a demolition derby but turned out to be a monster truck show. I went with him to the show and he told me he’d take me to a real demolition derby to educate me. I am now a demolition lover myself. You might be a demolition lover too. Demolition lovers are just ordinary people that like destruction and breaking stuff. Demolition lovers are usually also car lovers. Just remember not to tell a demolition lover that a monster truck show and a demolition derby are the same thing. Come to think of it, most demolition lovers would probably enjoy a monster truck show anyway because it involves destroying trucks. In fact, a monster truck show has a lot in common with a demolition derby. Cars get wrecked at both a monster truck show and a demolition derby and if you’re lucky, the demolition derby cars and monster trucks will do some tricks. However, the cars used in a demolition derby are very different to those in a monster truck show.

Demolition Derby Cars

Demolition derby cars are usually very old broken down cars that just barely work. Demolition derby car drivers will often attach things to their demolition derby cars to make them tougher and more destructive. Because demolition derby cars ultimately get destroyed in a demolition derby, the cars are cheap, often taken from scrap yards. The demolition derby car drivers must be very brave because demolition derby cars really take a beating. In the course of a demolition derby, demolition derby cars can catch on fire, roll over, or get flattened by other demolition derby cars. Demolition derby drivers also choose a name for their demolition derby car when they enter a demolition derby. Then the demolition derby car driver prints or spray paints their demolition derby car name onto their demolition derby car so that the demolition derby fans can cheer for their favorite demolition derby cars. Of course, the demolition derby is more about the demolition derby drivers than the demolition derby cars themselves because demolition derby cars get destroyed in a demolition derby and to each demolition derby, the demolition derby drivers must bring a new demolition derby car, unless of course they win. However, the chances of a single demolition derby car making it through more than one demolition derby are bleak. Unfortunately, many demolition derby car drivers are seriously injured during a demolition derby due to the nature of the sport, if you can call a demolition derby a sport. I suppose a demolition derby is more a derby than a sport, as its name suggests. If you want to participate in a demolition derby, my advice would be to first attend a demolition derby and have a look at the demolition derby cars after the show. This will likely change your mind.

Demolition Trick

For all the fearless crazies for whom the demolition derby is their life, the best possible past time is coming up with and practicing new demolition tricks. Though some demolition tricks might seem good in theory, pulling off a demolition trick suddenly becomes very difficult when you’re in a demolition derby and everyone around you is crashing their demolition derby car into your demolition derby car. Demolition tricks are usually just for the winners if their demolition derby car is more or less in tact by the end of the demolition derby.