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Psalm 31:1-3 31:1 [[To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.]] In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust; let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness. 31:2 Bow down thine ear to me; deliver me speedily: ...

At The Foot Of The Cross
This community is for the salvation of the lost. I want You to please present how to be saved on your site. if you don't have the gospel on you site link back to RomansRoad.org.

Communites for Jesus Christ
Dedicated to helping all people through prayer and suppport by fellowship.

Error Exposed community
This community is for Christians who would like to expose what they see as errors in various church teachings. All such sites will be accepted as long as they contain no hateful content. This is a Community ...

Glory And Honor To God Community
GOD gave mankind the only truth and the tares of men have taken this divine truth and twisted it, applied their own rules, made it a business and called it religion. This community is dedicated to giving ...

God's Awesomeness Community
Sites that promote the love of God and offer support to new and old believers alike!

Lift Jesus Higher
Each day we wake up is another reason to lift the name of Jesus higher. We are so blessed. Join me and let's "Lift Jesus Higher."

The Christian Men's Community
This community is for all Christian Men with webpages,be it a family or personal page. Your page should have some content about your relationship with Our Lord and it MUST be family safe.

The Love Of God
The Love of God community is collection of sites that show, how much God loves us. John 316 tells us that he loves us so much that He gave His only Begotten Son Jesus for a sacrifice so we would not spend ...

Praise The Lord community
Isaiah 61:3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees ...

Intercessors To The WWW
Do you have a prayer page on you site? Then join us today and give people a place to come and get prayer needs meet.

Living In The End Time Community
This community is for sites that Believe we are in the End Times now. If your site keeps up with current events and Links them to Bible Prophecy Then you are more than welcome to join this community.

Time Is Almost Up
Are you ready for Jesus to come if not find out how to get ready thought surfing this community. Please add only bible study and evangelical sites to this community.

Soacommunity Dove Net Community
Uplifting Jesus Christ and shacommunity his love with all the world. I know you will be blessed by your visit to the Soacommunity Dove NetCommunity.

Choose Life By Romans Road End Time Ministries-
Are you faced with making a choice to keep or abort your baby? This community applies God to help you make that right choice.

The True Believers Site Community
This is a community for those who are Christians and true believers that God sent his only begotten son to die for our sins. You must be saved to be in this community and believe that Jesus Christ is ...

End Of Days Bible Prophecies
Do you fell God has called you to End Time Prophecies if so here is the community to join or to just find great studies on any end time subject. We will allow sites that are End Time related or just sites ...

Word for Life Community
In this community you will find devotionals to the Holy word of God. Join this community to show your writings.

Come Holy Spirit
Dose your site reflects the gifts of the Holy Spirit. If So Please Join.

I Am Loved
He has many names and one purpose LOVE! I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.

End Time Community
This community is a collection of sites that are aggressively preaching the gospel of Jesus The Christ. You here from the pull pit that the end times are coming BUT in reality we are with in a couple of ...

Bible Prophecy for the World Today
Bible Prophecy has a great impact on our future. Over 50 articles covecommunity our past, the present and our future. Be PREPARED for the second coming of our LORD Jesus Christ.

Christian Unity community
This community is a community to unite all Christian sites. We should know that there is power in unity, praise and prayer, the goal is to bcommunity us into one and show power to the lost world. Together ...

Bearers Of The Cross Community
In this community you will find teachings of the cross as well as how to bear you cross. The Lord said we should take up our cross and follow Him.

The KJV Community
This is a community that promotes the KJV bible and stands firm in its use. The KIV says only begotten Son meaning born in the flesh. The other versions say Only Son this is not true. The book of Gneisses ...

Youth For God
Are you are christian teen with a cool webpage who loves God and have accepted the fact that Jesus died for us, then submit your site. Come Grow With Us!

Creative Christians Of The True Kingdom
This community is for Christians that have crated a unique website or any new form of worship, prayer groups, study groups or any new idea that is out there.

Faith Hope And Love In Jesus
In this community you will learn what is to have Faith, Hope and Love in Jesus. Jesus was a great teacher of these thing and we should learn them. So surf this community to get enlightened on this sub ...

Evangelical Community Of Fellowship
In this community you will find the love of an evangelist for the lost. Evangelist put a lot of time and effort to lead the lost to the cross.

CTSM Free Bible School, Bible School, Bible lessons, Sermons, Bibles and searches, Daily verses

Our Statements OF Faith
This community is a powerful community of the faith in Jesus and His Holy word.

Christ\'s Children\'s Community
This community is designed to help Christ based sites get up and running. All members are expected to be Christians and operate sites that are pleasing to God. Any activity that is contrary to the Word ...

100 Top Bible Prophecy Sites
Site that are reviling the truth of Bible Prophecy.

I Am Committed To Walking In His Ways
His ways are Righteous and pure we must commit to Him and walk in His Holy ways. We must be set apart from the world and be a bright light of Salvation to the lost.

100 Top Bible Study Sites
Site that are biblically sound in all their studies.

100 Top Christian Books and Writing
Sites that sell Christian books and offer free writings.

100 Top Christian Debates
Site that present evidence to ward off the teachings of evolution, Devenche code as well as outer issues that threaten the truth of the Holy Bible.

100 Top Christian Devotional Sites
Devotionals are a great way to lean as well as present Gods Word. We will be honored to have sites that are devoted to Godís Word.

100 Top Christian Evangelism Sites
Are you an Evangelist and need to promote your site? This is the community for you to do that. JOIN US!

100 Top Christian Ministries Based In The U.S.
This is a community for site and Non-Denominational churches and personal websites based in the United Stats.

God So Loved
Teaching the love of God? Well here is the community to join come on and learn just how much God loves you and me.

God's Awesomeness Community
Sites that promote the love of God and offer support to new and old believers alike!

Solders Of The Cross
Let us show the boldness of God in these last days JOIN US!

His Links.com On community.com
We are here to promote you. So you can promote JESUS.

We Love Links
Do you love linking to other Christian websites? Then join us! Please make sure you have no links to the restricted website we have on our Home page.

Sites of Gods Love
Site that teach the true love of Jesus Christ, there is a love that surpasses all understanding and that will change your life as you know it. Luke 6 27 But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, ...

The Given Land by The River Jordan
Sites that are dedicated to Israel and her people. Israel is the land God gave to His people and there is a great love for the Jewish people. In this community you will see how much they are love.

Answers To Life's Questions
Do you have a question of what Gods plan is for you? Or what His plan is for mankind. If so surf this community and we will do our best to give the answer you need.

Gods Undeniable Family community
Have you dedicated your family to the service of God and His Kingdom? In this community you will see how God has anointed the entire family who has brought their service to Him in obedience.

Fishing For Jesus
Are you an evangelical site? Then this community is for you. Join today Site must have a plan of salvation as well as a statement of faith.