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Let Your Light So Shine
Are you a light to a lost world if so join this community? This community is aggressively spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

An Old, Old Story Community
Surf this community to find personal stories of the salvation of Jesus Christ. Sites limited to strictly Christian theology.

Christian Trucking community
Community composed of Christian truckers and Christian outreaches that minister to truckers.

Choose You This Day
Choose You This Day is a politically active Pro-live community.

Church Youth Groups Community
A place for all Church Youth Group sites. Gather in our little circle and share your activity. Let others learn what you're up to. Plan events together. Enjoy the Similarity, and explore the differences ...

"AAA" Prayer Books
A community for prayer books and prayer Pages only.

End Of Days community
Do you want to know what we are in for in the very near future? If so you will find it in this community. We only have end time bible studies, videos as well as site that are prophetic in nature.

Surrendecommunity To God Christian Poetry community
An online community devoted to those who write Christian Poetry or have Christian Poetry on their site.

Bodybuilders Community
We are Building the Body of Christ through Cyberspace. We ask and ask for Him to do for us. Where do we show what we do for Him? Surf this community to see the ultimate Bodybuilders for Christ in acti ...

The Love For The Lost Community
Is your hart in brining the word to the lost and brining them to the kingdom of God? Then this community is for you. In this community you will find sites that are doing something about it.

Jehovah-nissi-The Lord Is My Banner
Jehovah-nissi—Jehovah is my ensign or banner. The hands and rod of Moses were held up as soldiers are wont to hold up their standards in the time of battle; and as these standards bear the arms of the ...

Seven The Perfect Number
Many places in the bible God uses the Number Seven, it seems that seven is the perfect number because it can not be divided evenly. IF your site deals with seven join this community.

Community Managers Go In Circles
This is a fun Community any one with a website can join as long as they do not promote anything that goes against God\'s Word. Add communitys, websites and clean jokes just keep it clean please.

Blessed Assurance community
This community is committed to bcommunity you sound doctrine on the fact that Jesus gave Hs life so that we are assured of a place in His kingdom.

Serving God community
There are many ways to serve God. How do you serve Him? If you would like to show people how you serve God or may be you help people find their calling. We would love to have you in this community. If ...

Jews For Jesus
A collection of Jewish people who have recvied Jesus as the Messiah.

His Sacrifice For You community
A community that talks about the sacrifice God sent us on the cross.

GuestBooks R Us
If you have a Guestbook on a family safe site you are welcome to join this community. Did you know that signing guestbooks is a great way to increase your search engine rankings? I like to sign one or ...

Be Still My Soul community
This is a on-line Christian Fellowship Community where beloved members are using their computers to bcommunity honor and glory to God. We would love to have you come and join us. You will be welcomed, ...

The Holy Bible community
This is a community of Biblically fundamental Holy Scripture presentations, Old and New Testaments, on the internet. Homepages submitted for joining this community should be highly devoted to the display ...

The Evangelical community
We accept homepages into this community that are Evangelically Christian.

The Bible community
This is a community of sound Bible doctrine website presentations of Scripture. Websites submitted for joining this community should be greatly committed to the display of Holy Bible verses from Old and ...

America Weeps Community
This community's intention is to unite those who are weeping over the tragedy occured in the United States of America on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Whether you have created a special memorial site, or ...

David's Giant Defeated
We all have a giant that we are battling Surf this community to find ministries to help in defeating your giant. Maybe it is drugs, alcohol, porn or any thing that keeps you in bondage.

Jesus Christ Saved Us
Learn what it means to truly follow Jesus.

"†"Christ Ministries community"†"
A community for sites that share resources with each other such as our chatroom, tagboard, banner exchange, and forums in an effort to better share the Gospel on the web.

Joined By The Cross Ministries Community
Joined By the Cross-Ministries Community is a Christian Community the purpose is to join Christian site together to bcommunity the Gospel to the lost. The community also bcommunitys you Bible Studies, ...

Christian Elite Websites
Do you bcommunity truth on an evangelical proportion to the internet? This community is for sites that are well designed and easy to navigate. If your site can be easily navigated this community is for ...

This WebCommunity is intended for CHRIST-CENTERED websites. If your website shares your love for Jesus, please join us.

The KJV Bible Online
Sites with the King James Version Bible Complete Old and New Testaments. Or sites that use the KJV.

Bruised Lily
As a Ministry Leader having helped to birth 32 other 'seed ministries' over a 5 year period, I faced many challenges, yet when it came time for the Ministry's season to end, I faced my biggest challenge ...

Grace of God community
A community speaking of the Great Grace of God who is so full of Mercy for us. He gave His only Son that we could live.

The Kingdom Community
Living by God's Kingdom Principles. Living in the Realm of the Kingdom of God. Teaching's about His Kingdom, His Love, and His Mercy.

A Heart For Christ Community
Sites in this community reflect their heart for Jesus Christ or Lord and Savior. Mat 12:35: A good man out of the good treasure of the heart, bcommunityeth foorth good things: and an euill man out of the ...

Precious Angel Graphics
Welcome to Precious Angels. This community is for special people who dedicate their time and love to designing memorial graphics or creating websites for parents. These people love what they do and enjoy ...

Christian Teens
A community for all christian teens with christian based websites.

Search Me,Oh God community
A community that speaks of our allowing God to search us and refine us.

The Holy Scripture community
This community has Biblically fundamental internet presentations of Holy Scripture from both Old and New Testaments. Homepages submitted for joining this community should be highly devoted to the display ...

Walk In Worship
The Community is open to anyone wishing to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, His salvation offered to all, the power of the Holy Spirit, and His healing touch.

Christian Webmasters
Community of sites webmastered by Christians.

The Charismatic community
Homepages welcomed into this community are Christian, evangelical and charismatic.

A community based on John 316 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Angels On Board Community
Angels On Board Community doesn’t condone the worship of angels. We feel angels are created by God to serve God and to fight the spiritual battles that we need to defeat the many diamonds that come up ...

Bible Challenge For Catholics community
Websites we are interested to add to this community list are those of Biblically fundamental and evangelical content which will challenge the beliefs of Catholics. We are seeking homepages that reveal ...

The Protestant community
Acceptable to this community are those sites that are Biblically fundamental, evangelical and represent Protestant Christianity.

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism community
Community of sites in the common faith of salvation by trusting solely in the Lord Jesus who baptizes us into His body by His Spirit.

Jesus is Lord of My Life community
This is a community of homepages by Christians who conduct their lives submitting to God's Son Jesus as their only Savior and Sovereign Lord.

Christian Banners Community
This is a community of Christian homepages that raise up the banner to exalt the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit In The Work Place
Holy Spirit In The Work Place is a collection of sites of people that work and witness in the workplace. It seems to be almost impossible to witness to fellow workers. But The Holy Spirit can let us do ...