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This is the Christian Community of Communitys Fellowship. A Christian Community of Communitys. We receive into this Community membership of Christian Communitys. Please see the community homepage for rules and qualifications. http://crorf.godsholyword.org/

Terri Schiavo - Keeping the Memory Alive
Keep the memory of Terri alive by joining the Terri Schiavo Community

The Abortion Memorial Community
The Abortion Memorial Community is a Pro-life Community.

Evangelism Through HTML
Evangelical Websites that preach the gospel on the internet through HTML. WOW reaching the world from your desktop what a blessing. Join us and let’s preach.

Apostolic Outreach Network
We are a Ministry in love with Jesus Christ and on fire for God. Come by and visit our pages for your edification. Scriptures about the Apostles. This community represents Apostleship. Acts 2:42 And they ...

Romans Road Community
Are you looking for power to change your life? Power to change your Life comes from knowing The Lord Jesus Christ. Roman Road is a place you can learn to do that You can also post your prayers or pray ...

The Prayer Community
The Prayer Community is a worldwide Prayer ministry Join us today in praying for outers and get ready to see The Lord Jesus at work.

The Gospel community
Websites sought to join this community are homepages that present the full gospel of Jesus Christ in its biblical, fundamental and evangelical nature.

Great Site Award Winners
This community has many sites that are awarded winners and display them to show what hard work goes into a website.

COOL 2 B CHRISTIAN is an inventive webCommunity to bcommunity out the coolness in Christians so to join you got to be Christian and you got to be Cool.

Paid In Full community
Paid In Full Community is a Community that is spreading the new that Jesus Chris has already has Paid the price for all our sins and we don't have to work for it cause its totally FREE.

Revelations Community
This community is based on the book of Revelations. If you have teaching on this book then by all means join.

Women of The Word community
Community of sites conducted by committed Christian Women devoted to God's Word.

Men Of Faith
This community is full of faithful men to our Lord Jesus. If you want to learn to grow your mustard seed of faith then come on in and make your self at home.

The Christian community Bus
The Christian Community Bus, this community is designed for your communitys only; no home pages will be accepted. The idea is to link our community in a central area for easier joining. The code for the ...

Christian Community of Communitys Fellowship
This is the Christian Community of Communitys Fellowship. A Christian Community of Communitys. We receive into this Community membership of Christian Communitys. Please see the community homepage for ...

Texas Christians community
Texas Christians joining hand for the world in need of salvation.

All Christen family’s community
All Christ All Families Community is a webCommunity of families that put Christ first in their lives.

Humbled By Your Mercy community
An online community for those who love Jesus with all their hearts and who are humbled by His mercy.

Not Ashamed of the Love of Christ
A community about the Love of Christ, expressing His love and not being ashamed to show christian love toward others. This community expresses Christian love, so sites desicommunity to join, obviously ...

Glory To God On High
Join this community and give God the Glory that He has in powered you to preach His word with your site.

Time Is Short
This community bcommunitys forth the evidence that we are close or living in the end times. Is your place in eternity set with Jesus of with the devil? You are going one way or the other you need to make ...

Light Unto My Path
The holy bible is a great way to find Gods answers to life’s problems. Not matter what the situation is the answer is God.

Today's Christian Men community
A community for sites of interest to Today's Christian Men.

Make A Joyful Noise community
A community about making a joyful noise to the Lord.

Communities For Jesus Christ
Communities for Jesus Christ are communication groups such as christian forums, chats, and blogs. It is a place of christian warmth and love.