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love to crochet and want to share the hobby with others

Jami's Crochet Blog
Lets talk about life, gardening, family and most of all crochet.

Crochet drops of violet
My site is about my new passion for crochet and yarn, my on-going cross-stitch projects, my family, weekly ramblings..

Flirtations Knitwear
Romantic crocheting and knitting designs for our Modern Age.

Scrumbling Along
A place to put up my bumbling scrumbling and any other crochet or sometimes knitting projects I may have going. I also put up related pics, vids or links that I find interesting.

Sweet Mama Jones
life as a silly wife, mom, & crocheter

Hooks 'n' Grannies
A place where I can share my crochet and knitting projects, interesting or fun things I've encountered, pictures of where I live, where I've been and of course pictures of my little four-legged friend ...

Filet Crochet Free Charts, Patterns and Tutorials
This blog is all about filet crochet, with help for beginners and original designs by me, Sandi Marshall, as free patterns for various skill levels.

My Crochet Blog
Serbian blog about my crochet work

The Kansas Hooker
A lot of crochet and a little bit of life from the midwest.

That Hooligan Girl
I'm the star gazer. I get lost in my own imagination. I love wandecommunity in mother nature's garden. I spend alot of my time knitting, crocheting, taking photos, painting, baking, and gardening

Fiber P*rn
My online scrap book for my own use as well as to share fiber-related information, links, photos, and to showcase my projects (in their varying stages of progress and completion), my yarn stash, and "fibery ...

Cajon Desastre

Carol's Crochet and more
About me my love of crochet and a little about life in general!

crocheting with an addietude
A new blog about Addie's crochet

Ruka, crochet y otras yerbas
My cochet works, ramblings and other interesting handcrafted stuff

Febru and Jul Kids
My luving world craft

Crochet Ideas and some patterns, Recipes, Jokes, Funny pictures,

Jaymie's Journies
My little blog about crafting, crocheting, polymer-clay and life in general.

Southwest Crochet
I love to create everything my little heart desires with yarn! Come check out my site for some inspiration!

Family, Photography, Hobbies- Among them Crochet

(un)Deniably Domestic
A domestic art life, family and home, teaching, sharing through writing, healing through sharing, finding kindred spirits, breaking bread and needle arts.

Aluajala's Cockroaches
Hi! I’m Aluajala and I’ve got lots of cockroaches in my mind! I love forest walks, nature photography, reading, watching movies, hunting for mushrooms.. This year my husband also inspired me to start crocheting ...

Curly Girl's Crochet Etc.
My name is Sonya. I taught myself to crochet when I was 15 years old and have been happily addicted ever since! My most recent crochet passion is creating Amigurumi crochet dolls & toys and having never ...

Carolina´s Corner
..is about surviving in a jungle of shortcuts & terms of handicrafts, with a language non-native. Yes, occasionally it does show :) Please have fun!!

Little Ms. GG Knits Again
A blog where I record my craft adventures. These include knitting, crocheting, cross-stich.

Crochet is passion for me.Its like obsession & I keep experimenting with my designs. This blog is a mirror for each of my designs (My own design or a ready made pattern)I Wish to convert my passion in ...

Detexo tejidos artesanales
There is a blog where you can find crocheted and woven products. Im from Argentina Buenos Aires. Handmade products.

Tricity Hokes Creations
A blog where I post free patterns and pictures of my latest projects, news relating to crocheting and my other crafting addictions :)

A little bit about crocheting & life

Carol's Crochet
Several crochet patterns with detailed instructions. I see that the descriptions has to be over 1000 characters. So here's a rambling addition to the description: I was taught to knit by first my aunt ...

Unreal Tomorrow
Currently located in the Netherlands, this is a blog of a couple, writing about things in their life. ------------------------------------------------- We like to travel and experience new things, see ...

Crochique's Blog
Hello Everyone!! My name is Stephanie and I want to thank you for stopping by Crochique’s Blog! I should probably start by letting you know that I love to crochet. I have known the craft for over 20 years ...

The mad ramblings of a knit/spin/crochet/sewing obsessed woman in her 30's....(well, nearly 40 but don't tell anyone...) Inspired by the 1950's, updated for the noughties...bringing style to the stitch....colour ...

Crochet blog!!
My site is on crocheting and knitting. I love to knit and crochet as my hobby but I have a dream of making business out of it one day. On my blog, I talk about crochet supplies that I find useful or good ...

Syppah's Crochet Adventures
Hi, I'm Syppah of Cute Creations. This blog follows my (mis)adventures in crochet and crafting. Here you can find free patterns, stories, and pictures plus it is a good way to find out where you'll be ...

Baby Crochet
I learned to crochet as a child, when my grandmother taught me how. We would spend many hours together, with her teaching me the various stitches. I grew to love the craft, and taught my daughters to ...

The Crafty Hooker
A crafty blog about yarn addiction, crochet, hooking, and yarn shop reviews. I'm a 23 year old crocheting fool from Salt Lake City by way of San Diego. I love to write about yarn, yarn shops, new projects ...

Crochet with Cris
A crochet blog offering crochet tips, tricks, original patterns, video tutorials, and interesting insight - all in the name of C-R-O-C-H-E-T. Cris has been crocheting for over 25 years and while not ...

Scarves for Homeless Veterans
I have started a mission to collect handmade scarves for homeless veterans. Why? Hello? They are VETERANS! They put their lives on hold, and their personal feelings aside, and served our country. I want ...

The name of my blog is called socks. It is mainly dedicated to the art of making socks. The majority of the blog contains patterns for knitted and crocheted socks. This site is an avenue to share my oringinal ...

The Skein Gang
Here we have a blog for lovers of knitting and crocheting! I created this blog as a place where folks could share their love of knitting and crocheting, as well as share FREE patterns. You can also share ...

Crafts by Tilly
My blog is a snap shot of all the things I like to create. I mainly enjoy crocheting, and anything I crochet goes into my blog. I crochet with yarn and recycled rags. I would like to have a go with ...

Yarn is Life
My blog is that of a twentysomething in Maryland who not only crochets, but also knits and (tries to) bake. I write about my various projects or my struggles therein, as well as books and websites I come ...

stitches and musings
This blog is about two things: STITCHES and MUSINGS. STITCHES takes on this blogger's love for fiber arts. It documents her journey for finding the perfect crochet and knitting supplies in her country, ...

Neurotic Crafting
Mad ramblings of a crafting domestic novice! Mainly crochet, but also bake and sew! None of that knitting stuff though!! My grandparents owned a haberdashery shop in Birmingham in the UK. I was born ...

Anitalite's Smokin' Life
Being a caregiver for my mother keeps me home almost 24-7 so I picked my crochet hooks back up after many years of abstinence from crocheting. Now I can hardly put my hooks down. I love to talk ...

Fun Free Frizzyhooker
An ordinary Midwestern gal, nibbling on dark chocolate, drinking red wine, seeking out sorghum beer, playing with a lunatic cat, wanting for a comfy bed, curled up with a good book, texting an interesting ...

Crochet is Everything Else!
Crochet and everything important to me. The topics of my blog include knitting hats and socks, baby crochet, and quilting, my favorite needlework topics. The title is based on a favorite bible verse of ...

Britt's Crochet Corner
Britt's Crochet Corner is a crafty little blog all about crochet including patterns,resources, and great yarn finds! I like to find and re-create vintage crochet patterns and finding new and creative ...