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small things like babyhats, scarves and dolls

Karen's knit and crochet parlor
A place to show off my knitting and crochet projects. I\'m a crocheter who learned how to knit, so my first love is crocheting. I will from time to time discuss other life issues.

Blue Crochet
The nuttiness of a crazy crocheting prep cook/waitress and mom of four.

The Crochet Dude
A place to help this dude keep track of his thoughts and ideas on his way down the fiber arts superhighway...

Shamrock Crafts
I crochet and knit. I am WAY better at crocheting and LOVE it! I love to improve on my crocheting. This blog is about that and about my projects and some other stuff thrown in there :)

Granny Squares Anonymous
Descriptions of various crochet projects and the movies that were insturmental in their formation. Expect the odd and unusual.

Cat's Cradle Creations
This is my "craft blog," where I share my love of crochet and other crafts. Random thoughts and pictures also included.

Peace Love & Fuzzy Bunnies
A crazy mix of all the things I love. Mostly crochet but plenty of other stuff thrown in to keep things exciting.

From discussion of what's unique, to the various types of crochet technique; including what's new in the news, and what's with multiple of two's? ... If it's crochet related, it's in there! Updated nearly ...

So, Whatcha been up to??
My blog is about me....my love of crochet, things I do, places I visit, an occasional recipe, what I've been up to, and my neice who makes me smile.....alot!!

Crocheting in Chaos
Finding time in the daily grind to escape into my world of crochet... I'm still learning, and it's cheaper than therapy!

In Stitches
A Photo Journal of a Happy Hooker

Cat's Cradle Creations Patterns
Welcome to my pattern site. All the patterns contained herein are my original design and are copyrighted.

A Latte Crochet
A latte crochet is dedicated to my crochet & love of latte's! Enjoy my showcase of projects & links. I also have some original crochet blinkies!

Too Many Hooks
This is my blog! I'll gladly show off the cool stuff I'm working up and designing, and I'm always happy to talk about crocheting and where that intersects the rest of my life...

Crocheted Monkey
This is my blog about my knitting and crocheting.

This Is Crochet
This Is Crochet is a place for me to record my projects, including finished objects, yarn scores, pattern changes, etc.

BellaLinda Crochets
Blog showing off my crochet projects, mainly baby things & sculpture crochet.

Goldi's Locks of Yarn
My place to discuss my raging obsession with yarn and crochet along with happenings in my life and the world at large

Coffee Crochet
Random thoughts, tricks and tips on crocheting. I also talk about selling my creations and ways others can profit, too. A bit of caffeine induced rambling, too.

Cabin Girl Crochet
A true crochet love story: Three months after meeting at my craft fair booth, my husband proposed to me with my engagement community looped through a skein of yarn. One big move and one new baby later, ...

Mary's Crochet House
A place to showcase my crocheting and knitting projects, mostly crocheting.

Look at the world
My blog contains pictures of my craft works: toys, animals, maybe clothes.

Veronica's Crafts
My little corner of crafts :) I'm a beginner at knitting and crocheting, but I'm trying hard and I'm loving it!

A Lady's Crochet
The fabric that is crocheted comes from a busy girl. Going to work and school full time leaves little time for crochet, but it is done ^_^. Sweaters, granny squares, afghans and crazy outfits can be ...

The Knitty Knotty
Yarn Whores Unite! Blogging and rambling about all things knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, etc.

Waddlin' Along
Crochet projects, knitting, pets, and other peeks into my life.

This Blog covers the Escapades of a Crafty Mom! It is about my adventures in Crochet, Beading, & living with 3 Kids, 3 Cats, 2 Dogs & that which inspires me to create.It includes my trials on reading patterns ...

Tracey's Clever Blog
A clever blog stocked with riveting stories about the life of a soon-fading spinster. From NOLA to the ATL and everywhere in between.

DIYODS - Crafts With Attitude
DIYODS, which is short for "do it your ownn damn self", is a site dedicated to crazy crochet, cooking, and crafting.

Jane's Hooked on Crochet
My blog is a place for me to write about my crocheting, other interesting web sites, book reviews, yarn droolings, wooden hooks. I love to include links to interesting yarns, patterns, blogs, book reviews, ...

My Very Own Blog for Crochet and Stuff
My blog listing projects finished, in process, and house building stuff.

Cass Knits!
A blog where I talk about fiber, family and politics.

Welcome to the unravelings of my mind where I talk about my crochet, my family, the weird happenings around me, and generally whatever strikes.

L.A. Is My Beat
My life in knit and crochet in Los Angeles, California.

Crafty Andy
Crafty Andy shares his life in volving crochet hooks, yarn and regular life. My life is craft , not a blog, yet I find crocheting a great craftto teach and follow. Come and see what I am doing, I usually ...

The Knitpicker
A crochet and knitting journal

Coming Unraveled
I'm a fairly new blogger but a long-time crocheter. I originally started out crocheting Barbie Doll clothes for my Barbies when I was 9. Now I attempt may different projects and sometimes they even come ...

Cousin Itt
My Blog started out as a long-har Blog, and now that I started crocheting, I am combining my 2 loves - long hair AND crochet!

I Stalk Knitters
This is my blog. It's about me, my life, the things I make and the things I love to do. I'm brash, vocal and I cuss. A lot. But it amuses my little brother, my little sister and my nephew. If you are easily ...

A place for me to share my passion with other like minded people.

crochet the blues away
my crochet life

A blog about my adventures in crocheting. Practice makes perfect, but learning new stitches and patterns makes it fun!

Sheep Rustling
In which I blog about crochet (especially scrumbling), knitting, spinning, beading and my family

Anjuli's Art
It's all about crafting - my secret obsession!

Hooked on Crochet
This is an online journal of all my crochet projects.

StitchLuva and Yarn
Passion, Family, Art and Life

Good Hooking
A blog dedicated to the great art of crochet, including all the garish creations churned out by my own fair hand.

My binge-crafting blog. Despite the name, there IS crochet here; its just harder to come up with a stupid crochet pun.

Yarn Obsessed
Knitting attempts, crocheting, amigurumi and other odds n ends