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Click Member link to see site in tvAdventures In Crochet
Adventures In Crochet diplays my crochet accomplisments

Living Crochet
Passionate about Crochet. Hanalla's crochet journey and wisdom.

Well isn't it nice?
place where i show my creations. crocheted and knitted as well (pretty much equally) and collect other craft related information.

Neatly Tangled
"Creations from the intersection of order and chaos"...I write about my adventures in crochet, what I'm working on, my attempts at writing patterns, my attempts at selling what I make, and (mostly) how ...

Rambling Yarns from the CrochetKitten...
Feral-turned-domestic housecat in love with crochet, yarn, and shacommunity my passion with the world!

CrochetPoet's Stitchity Wickets
Here we gather to relish and cherish laughter, love and creation

YARRRRRN - A Crochet Blog
Blog of a yarn-obsessed novice crocheter.

Without Seams
A knitting and Crochet blog

Poison's crafty world
I am an avid crocheter and post any new items I make on my blog as well as any of the various other crafts I do like quilting, but it's mainly all about crochet.

Yet Another Yarn Blog
Celebrating the yarn love though my (attempts at) crochet and knitting

Mingling Yarn
Crochet, knitting, maybe spinning -- and a cute pup too.

Crocheting Chemist
A blog to share my crocheting projects and ideas

Kinda like 'spewage' but with less 'chuckage'


Finger's Fancy - a Craft Blog
A knitting and crochet blog.

Crochetoholic's Crochet and Knitting blog
knitting and crochet fun, my family, projects, yarn,articles,patterns,swaps,and anything else to chat about.

Nannybird Knits
I like to knit and crochet as well as dabble in other crafts.

Catheryn's Crochet
Crochet blog about my current projects!

Heavenly Babies
Love, love to crochet anything and everything!

Crochet - Lazy Passion
A crochet story of the Polish girl in the UK.

Boutique Pink Designs
A peek into the life of this married, working mom of four who loves to crochet. I post about my new creations, happenings in the world and comments on pretty much anything that catches my attention.

Wheat Wrote What !?!
What Wheat Wrote about all sorts of things but mostly stcommunity and how it is used, with a strong leaning toward crochet, I can knit, but prefer knot to.

Insomniac With a Hook
My adventures in Life, knitting and Crocheting

crochet mamas blog
my crochet blog, projects, patterns, ideas :)

Devoted to crochet, motherhood, my quest to make a living selling stuff I make, and funny things.

I blog about what I'm working on, what I wish I was working on, and a little about life in general.

Adventures of the Mad Crocheter
The yarn adventures of a intermediate crocheter and budding designer who's trying to convince her knitting friends that crochet is cool.

Yarn Over, Pull Through: The Heart and Soul of Crochet
I love to crochet, and I love to write. A crochet blog makes perfect sense. I talk about my crochet (and knitting) projects, highlight other artists from time to time, have some free crochet patterns ...

Yarn Haven
Yarn Haven is a place to share what is going on in my crochet world.

Attention Span Of A Gnat!
This website covers my attempts at all kinds of fiber related hobbies like crochet and my inability to finish anything!

Daisy Decor
Crochet is one of my favourite crafts and my blog contains lots of crochet chat, pictures and patterns. Do please stop by for a browse. :)

Homemade crafts by Kathleen
I've shown some of my finished crochet projects, blankets, baby outfits, ornaments, christmas stockings and some free patter sites I've found online

A range of crochet designing topics, from designing aids to crochet conference reports, and from \'70\'s crochet to swatching up linen. As a board member of the Crochet Guild of America, sometimes I also ...

MMMM, Yarny.
My place to show off my latest projects and any yarn induced ideas I may have.

Tapestry Crochet . . . the rest of the story
Tapestry crochet is similar to regular crochet, except that one or more yarns are carried while another is single crocheted. The colors are switched before completing the single crochet stitch. The finished ...

All about crochet and some knitting.My projects,site links,patterns,crochet pics and graphics

two cent hooker
i think people on my lj were getting sick of seeing my multitude of crocheted items, so i moved over to a separate crochet blog. i talk about my finished objects, things i'm working on and things i want ...


Tantalizing Creativity
El posts her progress through various projects, mostly crochet, as well as crafting tips and selling tips that she has found useful.

Carla Artesanato Crochê - Fios & Arte
Here I show and I share with you what I create and I make of crochê and other manual works. The intention is to make friends, to change experiences and to learn more with them, because the life is a perpetual ...

Daisy Chains Crochet
I love to crochet and this is my place to rant, rave and show off my projects.

Crafting with Jullie Teo
I love crafting... Normally I craft with thread & yarn. I'm doing crochet most of the time. However, I'll try to make anything that is beautiful...

Curls of Sunshine
Collection of inspiration from around the web. Projects include but are not limited to crochet. Topics also included consist of knitting, embroidery and sewing.

Cyn's Corner
My hobby, my craft

The Crotchety Crocheter
My first attempt at blogging, I give brief descriptions of some of the projects I\\\'ve done, with photos.

Brenda Stratton
All about crochet, writing and working in the publishing industry.

Stitch in Time
Originally from Japan. I started this blog to improve my English skills. I love needlework, especially crochet. lately.

Ewe Devil
Blog dedicated to my crochet habit and some musings of my life.

Crochet Blogs
The place to find out what's going on with the Crochet Blogs community and see all the new blogs!

Knot Again
My adventures in crochet, knitting, and whatever else strikes my fancy.