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Blog dedicated to my crafting pursuits and other thoughts about daily life.

Patchwork Girl's Rambling Warps
I knit, I crochet, I weave, I punch rugs, I draw (colored pencils & other media), I paint... I live with my 4 sons, their dad, 6 cats, a guinea hen & a dog...

Bron's Blog II
Old & new crochet - some original patterns - mixed in with my knitting & other crafting.

Craft and Chaos
While I dabble in other crafts (anything that takes my fancy) crochet is a favourite.

Reflections in the Mirror
Dawn's site. I can be a little 'crafty' and a little off the wall at times, but it is all good. Visit to see what mischief I have been 'creating' lately. I will crochet for food. I have stashed some stories, ...

Crochet and Other Stuff
A blog to share my crochet hobby - update on my latest creations, post pictures and free patterns of my crochet work. I also sell crochet yarns and threads with many project ideas that make use of the ...

Blog of an avid hooker (crocheter). Rantings about life, patterns and projects.

In The Loop
A site to display & discuss newborn and reborn doll crochet items, and vintage crochet.

Celestialkiddy Crochet
This is my personal attempt to stay on top of projects while trying to explore and expand what my crochet can do. Hopefully I will have small tutorials and patterns up soon on the request of my frien ...

Way Too Much Stash
Combined needlework craft blog, it includes crochet, knitting, quilting and cross stitching. Occasional side commentary. (formerly www.worldofcrochet.blogspot.com

Good Yarns
A blog about the crafty life of a happy homemaker detailing crocheting, cooking, and life's little tidbits.

Hip Hip Crochet
The joys and sorrows of working with yarn. And some stuff about my dog.

oodles of yarn noodles
I am starting an open journal of all my crochet projects, either for publishers or self published. I write a lot about my daily life as a wife and mom, knitter, Bon Jovi Fan, and avid runner!

Dreams of Nyssa
My blog where I talk about Me and my crafts which include crochet and scrapbooking.

purple is a fruit
I like to crochet, knit and do other crafts... I like to create my own patterns and have some free patterns on my blog.

Crochet Chronicles
crochet and only crochet.

A blog investigating the quirks of the crochet world, with occasional forays into other crafts.

Tiff Crochets
Crochet musings, projects in progess and a little stuff about my day as a mom of two girls.

creative soul confessions
Adventures of an opinionated craftydiva who crochets, knits, and dabbles in all things crafty.

Yarn Tomato
A blog about my exploration of the art of crochet.

Vera's Crafty Blog
My adventures in needlework.

A blog about my current, past and future crochet projects.

Chie Crochets
This blog is the record of my crochet and knitting projects. Now I crochet (a lot) more than I knit. :P I was born and raised in Japan so I often use Japanese designers' patterns. Hope you enjoy! :)

Vicki's site features crocheted socks, bags and purses as well as knitted shawls and felted items. She's the owner of Crochet A La Suan

Girl is Crafty

Monster Crochet
Currently fighting and losing the battle of a crochet-controlled existence.

Luv 2 Crochet Blog
Just my place to blog about crocheting ~ the craft I love to do the most!

Little Purl of the Orient
A blog on woolly adventures of a knitter/crocheter in Hong Kong.

Yarn Utopia
A site devoted to the eclectic ramblings of a craft dilettante extraordinaire! Come see what she is up to today...

new to blogging- but not to Crochet! Join me as I tackle the world of blogging with a crochet hook in one hand a computer mouse in the other and a baby balanced on one hip! Horray for the multi-tasking ...

Some Bunny's Weblog
A diary of my works in progress, whether in yarn, my garden, and life in general.

Crochet Along
A group off crochet alongers that have a changing crochet along every 6 weeks. You can join in at any time!

yarn, life, and faerydust..

Crochet All Day
My adventures in Crochet, Knitting and Life

Like Grandma
I learned knitting and crocheting when I was a child from the most wonderful person I´ve ever knew, my Grandma, my mom´s mother. I used to spend hours and hours with her. With this blog I want to show ...

Compulsive Hooker
My foray into the world of blogging. I talk about crochet and whatever else might come to mind.

Juli's Jots
A blog about creativity and life, especially my love for Crochet, but also miniature painting and other crafts. I will be shacommunity some of the crochet patterns I have designed, and pictures of completed ...

Frog in Knots
My muddles through crafting on a whim; crochet, knitting and sewing, mostly made up as I go along.

Vintagefusion Knits N Crochets
A Singapore blog of a knitter/crocheter's ramblings.

NexBlog: Get Hooked on Style!
A peek into my crazy life as a crochet designer.

Six Skeins Under
My knitting and crochet trials and tribulations from the heart of the UK.

Shacommunity The Moment
The one place where everything comes together. This is my space to share the happenings of stitching and paper arts.

Pixie Sticks
2 crazy weimaraners in cahoots with yarn gnomes.

Thinkin On Threads
I love crocheting and all other fiber arts as well. This blog lets me share the projects I am working on and show off a little too. I design many of my own projects and will soon be posting patterns I ...

Crochetroo is the home of cupcake from down under. The work here is original, fair dinkum Australian designs. I love colour, texture and variegated yarns. Crochetroo is a hybrid genetic mutation between ...

Me, Myself and Milotis78
I write about knitting, crocheting, life and sometimes I ramble on about nothing at all.

WIPs 'N Chains, The Blog
This Blog takes you through the process of designing, writing out patterns, submitting to a publisher and getting published (or rejected EWWW!) to help fellow crocheters who would like to begin a designing ...

Is it knitted? Nope! Crocheted! Crochet isn't just for grannies, doilies and floppy funky scarves. I am - fairly - under 50 and have a crochet hook and a yarn ball handy in my purse. I like decorating ...

Professor Knitwit
Read about a young professor navigating the world of academia, knitting & crochet

Cloudy Crochet
My works, my failures, errors and ideas, and now, finally, my own patterns!