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Creatures Colony is open to any website featucommunity content about the Creatures series of games by CreatureLabs. Come join us and help expand the Creatures Community!

The Norn Notepad
A relatively small site with a few agents (the best being Laughing Gas) and a few humorous stories and games.

TreeSprite's Grove
A website for all my fellow Creatures fans. Adopt interesting creatures, see fan art & fiction, download the Norn Stats & Geneology sheet to help you keep track of your norns, and many other interesting ...

Kiz's Creatures
Please visit my site! Features C1/C2 and some C3 adoptions and cobs, pics of my norns, links and more!

2 Norns and 4 Catz
a site for C2 and Catz4/ updated regualy/ new breeds of norns avalabul{;}(lots of spelling mistakes)

Kwoiffei's Creature Tomb
At last, a Creatures Page with a hint of originality! Who would ever have thought of giving it a tomb-ish theme? It explains what Creatures is and has some links, but the main features are Hathor's Love ...

Docking Station Watcher
This is a site dedicated primarily to Creatures 3 and Docking Station. Many norns available to download. Two languages supported - Russian and English.

Meli's Freak Shop
Home of the apple norns. a place to show my love for creatures 3 and docking station.