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This is a community for artists. Writers, journal-keepers, poets, photographers, painters, sketchers, graphic artists, musicians, and anyone else who is involved in some form of creation. We all have moments of doubt from time to time about our creations, our abilities, and even ourselves. Here's a way to link our creations, bits of ourselves, and our 'net spaces together.

The Cruelty Game
This is a Projects Web Log wherein I will work through whatever issue I am having with my latest project, be it a play, a story, a novel, a song... or any combination thereof.

Domesticated Bloggage
The mind dump of a domesticated goddess

Hypersurreal oil Paintings, Drawings and Pastels, Nature and Experimental{;}Photographs, Free Original Webart Graphics, free e-cards: a couple of European{;}Artists present their creations in animated ...

My Secret Life Of Languages
Are all the natural languages getting a bit too hard? Here is the solution!

Attempting the Moon
the urge to write, the struggle to publish, all wrapped up one cozy package

Hypersurreal oil Paintings,Drawings and Pastels,Nature and Experimental{;}Photographs,Free Original Webart Graphics:a couple of European Artists present{;}their creations in animated virtual galleries ...

Melpomene Writes
A collection of short stories, novellas and the odd poem or two that cover a wide variety of genres.

Where there is Rain, There is Pain
This is just a blog. Nothing less nothing more. That\'s all.

A Writer\'s Sanctuary
A sanctuary for writers of all ages and talent levels, no matter what genres you write. Come and join a place to encourage and support others while finding new friendships with our common love of wri ...

The South Devon Players
A new and successful theatre company based in Brixham, England.

this little life of mine.

Puzzle of Hearts
A small collection of poetry written over the years.

A barbaric YAWP across the Web!
Random musings of a sometimes political, sometimes mundane mind. Mother Editor Writer Gun-Geekette Sometimes Poet Often Silly Sometimes Serious

If the tiara fits...
Once upon a time, 19 years ago, a brown-eyed, brown-haired baby girl was born. Now, headstrong and passionate, that little girl is making her mark on the world.