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A working mother from Chennai who blogs about all that and a little more more

My Three Sons
A day in the life of an SUV drivin', baseball lovin' mom to three boys

Amelia Takes On The World
A blog that documents Amelia's life as well as things I feel like blogging about - whether it be a working mom and Mondays or anything else on my mind.

The Life and Times of a Domestic Diva
Just a domestic diva of two. Living life and writing about the wild and crazy times I have with my beautiful angels. With a little bit of bargain shopping tips or mommy tips along the way.

Life of the Newly Married
Attempting to juggle a husband, two kiddos, ages 4 and 4 months, a household, a budget, my faith, and my growing photography business, all while trying to keep my sanity! This is my journey in married ...

ice cream is not for breakfast
Feeding your kids without losing your mind.

The New Year 2008
A blog regarding my life in 2008 with family, friends and other aspects.

Braun Family Circus
one family's misadventures in Georgia

True Moments of Family
My daily satire/honest admissions about being a Momma who is trying not to lose herself amongst the JOY of mothecommunity...We have adopted internationally 3 times, had 2 pregnancies, homeschool our kids ...

Zackie's momma's Blog

Green Bean Dreams
Mother of two boys maneuvers the Silicon Valley maze in search of a greener, more meaningful life.

Diary of an Unlikely Housewife
Musings and ramblings of a less-than-domestic goddess.

Send Chocolate
"slightly dark, a little bit nutty...Cheaper than candy and half as sweet" Add two children with autism, a teenager, homeschooling, two cats, a geek husband and the daily grind... you get? Me with ...

Sippy Cups and Blackberries

This is the Day
what I learn in my everyday walk with God

Seeking Him
A suburban mom of two teenage daughters talks about life, faith and family...with a little politics thrown in for fun. A crazy hip bloggin Obama Mama!

Mommy Lounge
Mommy Lounge is a place to learn, laugh and lounge! With tips on all things parenting,crafts,recipes and the daily life of Reneca and Kalisha. We created Mommy Lounge for women to have a place to be open, ...

Dreaming in Digital
Dreaming in Digital is my place to download my thoughts, talk about writing, music and the arts, post writing exercises and just ponder on life.

di's life photos
Random thoughts and photos of my life.

Housewife Hiccups
Trying to become a perfect housewife, even if it kills me!

Gushy's World - How to Live a Blissful life
Gushy's World is a blog about life's experiences and how to live a blissful life through life's many challenges! Read about my many experiences on my journey of trying different therapies or techniques ...

I'm Not Hannah
A SAHM goes on and on about Asperger's Syndrome, writing, activism, and living directly under the Buckle of the Bible Belt.

From Soul-Mates to Womb-Mates
Christian mommy of twins trying to make the most of each day... one day at a time!

The Not-So-Secret Life of Katie Valentine
An ongoing description of everyday life with two kids, a husband, an older house and a government job.

The Life of the Drama Mama
Personal and Fun site about being a mommy of two boys, a wife, and a woman.

Navigating Motherhood, Marriage, Divorce, Blended Family, Crafty Urges and Laundry in the Suburbs

Knot Sew Crafty
A meandecommunity search for a craft to call my own.

Hip Mama
am a 30 something, Hip Mommy of 3 amazing kiddos, wife to my ONE & ONLY for over 9 years...and trying to do my best with all God's given me...sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. I home school our ...

Just things that happen in my every day life, living on 2 1/2 acres in B.C., Canada

2 parents, 3 kids, lots of challenges, even more laughs and love.

Magic Marker Mom
Writing the crazy out of my life. . . Adjusting to life with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 husband... Trying to keep my brain from withecommunity up and dying by using it.

Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets
Living the "Real Country Life" Chasing kids, riding horses and roping steers. Cowboys give you the simple things in life, Kids make you thankful for them, and Sunsets paint the perfect ending.

Suburban Rage
The joys and struggles of motherhood, working, and life on the North Shore, Massachusetts.

Sticky Kisses
Tales of a stay at home mommy of 2 toddlers.

The Crafty Momma
Some random ramblings and almost daily musings of a SAHM/WAHM living the crafty life.

Just a young mom trying to balance life, love, family, and my christianity

Just for the Fun of It!
Blogging for the fun of it about family, friends, work, kids, allergies, and that crazy thing called life.

This is my life, I think?!
Daily stuff from a mom of 3 kids, 3 cats and a dog

she's in transition
36 year old slacker mom of three unschooled kids, blogs a little.

lindsays simple life
Momma to 3, wife to one, living for an audience of (The) one. I'm a blessed woman.

Babies Gotta Have It
Give me three-ish minutes or less and my crazy cute baby and I will show you a must-have baby product from all angles...we'll play with it, read it, spit-up on it, wear it, eat it and poop it out until ...

Etsy Featured Artist
Daily theme that features a new Etsy artist daily.

C'est la vie
My journey through motherhood as a clueless WOHM.

Not Quite Cookie Cutter
A real girl meets the internets kind of story... A mom's guide to the internet, tech, working, mommahood, ranting and so forth... -All from her computer to yours. With love, and code.. and more than enough ...

Wildwood Mama
Notes from deep in the wild, wild woods on attachment parenting, pets, crafts and trying to live green and frugal.

Pagan Parenting Blog
A blog that focuses on parenting, paganism, and/or both. It's authored by a stay at home, pagan, homeschooling mama of 2 beautiful little girls.

Masto Mama
Our blessed life with a dreadful disease

I Heart Handmade
Things I love - crafting, Etsy, healthy living, natural childbirth, Baby Signs, saving money etc.

Eyesore Designs
A blog about a chick - trying to get off the ground.

General ramblings of a mother to three girls, wife to a man who isn't home much, caretaker to two dogs, etc, etc....... Interested in all things child related, cooking, sewing, organizing my home, photoshop, ...