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for all of us who have crappy blogs.

4 non blogs
Nothing, it's about nothing.

Lettin these dumb motherfuckers know
djxplicit talks about music, politics, sports, etc. features include album reviews, remixes, and music samplers.

+ myzeri +
Just a site where a moody lil' chic posts her random thoughts...

this is my blog...what else?

Holier Than Cow
A bunch of random thoughts randomly picked just for you. You'll like it.{;}

Odds and Ends
My personal weblog. Filled with whatever my disordered mind comes up with from day to day.

Confessions of a Kitty cat
I write really random, strange things. And yes, it's crappy.

crappyblogs community homepage.

Something Electric
This is my life. Unadulterated. Bocommunity. Yeah.

the fallen has spoken
the contradiction of the fallem: a struggle to remain human yet humane..

personal blog...

Digital Thoughts: Into the Darkness
I get bored sometimes. I have a life very occasionally. But... I have easy access to the internet! So I digitize whatever I want from my life. And why not? It makes it easier to remember what I did ...

I am a Princess Damn It!
Blogging about life and how I see it, family, passions, knitting, crafts, cooking, reading... anything goes.

Otto Once More...
Just a place where I post answers to memes and quizzes; not much else...

::Twiddles Thumbs::
I prefer to call it a "mediocre" blog, rather than a "crappy" blog, but whatever. It has no specific topic.

in the buff
just my secret thoughts

Come On, Get Lively
The personal blog of author Kathryn Lively: read, weep, repeat.

The Weirdest Ones...
An (almose) daily account of my fun, random, and weird life. Comes with all you see here, including free, yummy Quotes of the Week!

An Almost Daily Collection of Randomness
This is a Blog created by a terminally bored office worker! Its a hard one to define, but perhaps I could say its a skimming of the froth from the top of my conciousness!? Or something equally cryptic! ...

me me me me
essentially. well. crappy. but i have my fun.

The Special Tonight is the Turducken
A crappy blog called The Special Tonight is the Turducken.

That cat can walk like a big bad man's journal
Random thoughts and rantings of a girl living in Milano.

My angry personal blog about me,the world,politics,music,TV and anything else I feel like being rude about.

Never until now have I been more right!
This is my wittle bwog where I get tell all about my: Wife, new house we want to get, Macs, Music, D&D, my cats, my work and a whole lot more!

Nafcom\'s Crappy Blog
Just the crappy blog from a guy named Nafcom