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I'm a South Aussie who loves to knit, quilt, crochet, sew ... the list goes on :-)

Perky Knits and Stitches

JAG Knits
Home of JAG BAG Felted Bags and Knits. Free patterns, favorites, tons of links, monthly knit for charity site, events, and more.

Sharky Purl
knitting journal of an obsessed fiber junkie

The Quiet Knitter
Lace Knitting, Textured Knitting, Color Knitting, Sock Knitting, every kind of knitting going on.

Arleta's Motley Wool
My little blog where I blab on and on about knitting and dyeing wool and whatever other stuff that happens to be going on in my life.

Abby's Knits
A California knitter who loves simple knits

Wild 'n Wooly
knit 1, purl 2, rip it all out and start over --- I can't read a pattern.

i'm a knitter for a hobby i am a flight attendant

Cabled Sheep
Knitting and blogging in the shadows of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, in Salt Lake City, Utah

Saratoga Knitting
Knitting and spinning in Saratoga Spcommunitys, NY

Just a fun site initially started to showcase my unfinshed projects! It has morphed into just a detail of my current projects and my life!

Harlem Purls
I love Fiber.

Knottykitty Knits
A blog about my knitting, cat-wrangling, life and whatever else wanders by...

Pegs & Needles
My knitting and loom knitting adventures!

Crafty Carole
Mostly knitting with an occasional side track to other crafts including rare personal discussions. Hopefully adding some original patterns soon!

yarns, needles, books & life
My daily experience with knitting, books and life around it in general.

Up Knit Creek
A place to share my knitting and thoughts on lige in general, not to mention moans and groans

Personal blog focusing primarily on knitting, with a little crafting and other randomness thrown in for good measure.

Dropped a Stitch
My blog, dedicated to knitting, with some free patterns and photos of my FOs.

Sheep Happens
A knitting blog, with some stuff about walking and camping and cats thrown in.

Stitches of Grace
This site is mainly about my knitting, but encompasses my whole life which includes my faith, family, photography, spinning, sewing, quilting and naturally knitting! I have a ministry knitting shawls ...

Roavings of a Yarn Addict
The erratic and often humorous ramblings of a beginner knitter with delusions of grandeur.

Blue Mountains Knits
From the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia to the White Sails of Sydney Harbour; not a bad place to live, not a bad place to work and a great place to knit.

Michelle Can Knit
Michelle can knit and do a few other things, too.

Dreem Knits
A single mother of 2 girls and our day to day lives and my knitting.

A Cyber-Knitting Mama's Experiments, Accomplishments and more...

Jacquie's Journal
It's all about my knitting adventures, and my family life. I also run a forum for bloggers of all persuasions (Typepad, Blogger, WordPress etc) where members help each other out with their blogging d ...

Knit and Run
About knitting, yarn and gadgets and the life that happens around them.

gilraen's knits
Mostly knitting, some socks,and other things like LotR and Harry Potter.

Too Hot to Knit? Never!
An Australian knitter shares her triumphs and trials while participating in stashalong and kntting for "Wrap With Love". Mostly knit related with occasional comments on other subjects

Busy mom Paula's blog for easy knitting

Stickat och Virkat
My place on the net about my knitting and some other crafts.

KnitKnack Paddywack Give a Blog a home
A general mind drivelling sort of blog where I attempt to share a slice of my chaotic life. Take a snippet of Knitting, a smudge of art, and a huge chunk of the great outdoors, mixed lightly with a touch ...

Mostly about Knitting !!!

konoponop designs bloggitty bloggg blog
The ramblings of a fiberholic jewelry designer/artist in search of intelligent life and inspiration.....and a bit of sanity amidst life\'s foibles and transgressions!

Adventures in Knitting

Little House in the Big City
ramblings of a SAHM and knitting addict

Adventures in Furryland
All about our adventures in Furryland: our family's everyday moments with some of our great adventures, special occasions, some rare moments, and a lot about the writer's newest obsession... knitting and ...

the mogs blog, the journey of a cat through yarn
musings of a mixed media artist and yarn junkie who loves to knit, crochet, make dolls, write and enjoy life. I try to follow the wheel of the year and enjoy each day of it. My art reflects that spiritual ...

It's Terri
Blog about knitting, spinning, weaving, basket making, woodworking, and crafts in general.

Ewe Knit Too

Art in reality
This blog is about my adventures in life. Here I share my thoughts on life and experiences. With the start of my blog I also started knitting and so the two in many ways have become linked.

Knitting with a side of love, life, and family.


Tejiendo, qu ms?
Mi blog de tejido. Quiero compartir mi actividad favorita, el tejido a dos agujas y el crochet o ganchillo, como mas les plazca. Nos vamos a encontrar "Tejiendo, qu ms?"

G'ma's Grapevine!!
musings of retired band director who now has time to knit, crochet, stitch, quilt and run after 6 awesome g'kids!!

Knitting Mummys Everyday Life
I am a knitting obsessed mother of 5.

Knitty Kittie
A blog about knitting and swapping and life and nothing

knitting pretty