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A community dedicated to those who feel StarTrek Voyager's Tom Paris and Chakotay belong together.

Amirin's C/P Slash Page
Amirin's entire collection of Chakotay/Paris slash fiction. Site maintained by Mona Ramsey.{;}

RH_CHAN's refuge
Assorted fan-fiction stories - including C/P and boybands

Kiff's Voyager Slash Page
This site is mostly C/P but my P/N series is also on here along with some scattered J/C.

The Slash Realm (aka S&K's Domain)
Come join us at The Slash Realm. Fiction by several authors. Many fandoms and paicommunitys including ST-Voy (C/P) X-Files (M/K) The Sentinel (J/B) Magnificent Seven, Buffy, and others.

Tommyhawk's C/P Slash Page
C/P Slash from a man's viewpoint, home of "Paris' Wedding" and "The Long Shuttle Trip."

Britta's Slash Page
Chakotay and Paris loving each other in a multitude of universes.

Mel Blue Slash Fiction
Mainly Star Trek Voyager C/P, but some other paicommunitys (C/Tvk) (P/K), plus other fandoms, and also some original work.

Keikimo's Realm
A home for all my C/P fanfic, as well as stuff in an assortment of other fandoms.

Kye's Quarters
A site dedicated to fan fic based on Star Trek Voyager paicommunitys,{;}Chakotay/Paris with a smattecommunity of Chakotay/Janeway. I'm not the best writer in the world folks but I try. In fact hubby says ...

Terabithia's Archive
A place where the figments of Terabithia's imagination run free.

Tom Paris Dorm
A large fanfiction archive dedicated to our dear helmsman Tom Paris...also includes a picture gallery, links, bios and much more...

Kitara's Fiction Archive
My small contribution to C/P fanfiction. Has anyone seen my muse?