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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Larry Page
Larry's been Dinsdale's buddy since Larry was a pup!! (he's sure not a puppy now!! Even though he thinks he is!!)They love to play rope toy and chase each other!! Come see Larry at his site!!

The Misty Page
Misty's been Dinsdale's girlfriend since she was a pup!! They love to play rope toy and wrestle!! Come see Misty and all her buddies at her site!!

Where Thalia is Queen
Come visit Thalia and see why she claims that she's a true Queen. You can see her: gallery, award, poems, recipes, and more!

The Muffin Family
Hi, My name is Muffin, and I'm a Miniature Schnauzer. I love people, so come on in and get to know me!!

Biscuit & Pugzelle, the African Pugs
website of Biscuit & Pugzelle, the AfricanPugs

Meet My Dogs
adorable small dogs. Excellent pets, good disposition and great with kids.Also smart and easy to train.

Teddy Salad's World
The world of talented mutt Teddy Salad, her fur pals and skin pals including live action stunts from Teddy and her friends.

Toby and Charlotte's World!
loads of pics, info and more on charlotte and toby

Tiffani's Place
Tiffani is a adorable 4 month old Westie that has her own special place on the web. Pictures and info!!! Come say HI!!

*** Poodles BEAU and GENTLE ***
Personal site for my two little white poodles, with lots of pictures, links and fun stuff. They also have their own poodle E-Cards. Please visite them!

Come in and meet my pug Munchy. See pics of her only litter of pups and her mommy.{;}

Our Dalmatian Family
Meet 5 wonderful Dalmatians, read about their lives, favorite things to do and check out some really cool pics, links and facts about dogs.

MollyDog's Home On The Net
MollyDog is a fun loving and artistic Dachshund. Come see MollyDog, her artwork and free graphics, and have some fun with her. She offers a Pet Award, also.

Black Labrador Tess' Homepage
Tess is a little black Lab who lives in Scotland. Lots of pictures, stories, links, message board and Tess' pedigree.

The Strickland Girls
This site is dedicated to our loving girls. We seem to attract dogs that people no longer want. They make the best pets, because they appreciate you so much. Snowy, Autumn are the cutest you'll see! ...

Kiwi's In Site
I am an American Staffordshire terrier who has the task of people training down to a fine art. I get whatever I want all the time. I have noticed that some dogs lead a dog's life so I have set up an ...

Oak's Forest
A humorous look at life with a giant dog.

Canil Cointreau
Miniature schnauzer breeder in Brazil. Salt & pepper and black & silver. Several BIS & BISS winners.

The Kids (Fur Babies)
This page is devoted to telling you all about our fur babies. Meet Dakota, Katie, Jake and Rosco and read thier stories. Find links to info on pet adoption and pet loss support.

The Puppy Pages
This site is about two cute and precotious dogs named Spirit and Banzai. There are lots of pics plus pages devoted to everything that they love.

Wonderful World of Animals
Here you will find stories of how my cat and dog were adopted, pet causes we believe in,{;}photos, links, awards to win and much more!

Home of the Rosie-OH Awards
The Rosie-OH! is given to individuals, places, things, and events that Rosie (a playful cockapoo) finds charming and remarkable.

Libby Lou
Libby Lou's home on the web.

Atlas & Murphy's Groovie Kennel
Atlas & Murphy's Groovie Kennel is a place to kick your paws up and relax, chomp a biscuit or two, check out some dog-related links and look at a photo or two.

AfterHours Australian Shepherds
An informative educational site about Aussies hosted by Eli. Home of "Eli's Fight against Puppy Mills" and "Ask Eli" and "Make Your Dog a Star". Learn why Eli is not J.A.B.E.D. Many photos, and a lot of ...

Cocos Castle
Cocos Castle has a weekly pet contest, birthday calendar, pet horoscopes, Measurement Mixtures Hall of Fame and much, much more. A lot of entertainment for the whole family.

The Lane Family Greyhounds
Our Greyhounds pics, pedigrees, info, and about our efforts to help others adobt Greyhounds in to their loving home. Also other good links.

Rosedale Valley Road Gang
Quality Canine Wear enjoyed by dogs all over the world since 1993. Dog coats, snowsuits, rainsuits, biker jackets, t-shirts and hats. Sizes 8-30.

Ngwazi Rhodesian Ridgebacks
A small kennel of owner handled dogs offecommunity quality breeding services and puppies. The dogs participate in conformation, obedience, lure coursing, tracking and agility events, as well as lead an ...

Sam's Page
Sam is one of the cutest mutts you've ever met. She is a basset, beagle, who knows what with a long wet tongue!

Cassie's World
The trials and tribulations of a Bulldog and her family

Maspyrians-My Breed
Meet my dogs, the Maspyrians!! Also learn about animal cruelty, spay/neuter, puppy mills and dog rescue. Also view my animal drawings

Lucky's Homepage
A sight dedicated to our pet.

Ra the Webmodel
Ra is the mascot of The Flealess Market, which has expanded to offer Lost Pets International, pet shelter and rescue links, genealogy research, and fundraising opportunities for animal welfare non-pro ...

PuppyGirls Homepage
Dogs and Rescue, Pictures, Stories about the Puppygirls.

Chows of Do-Right
Beautiful Chow Chows from well-established champion bloodlines. Selectively bred for beauty and temperament. Family-raised and well-socialized.

My Boy Rex
Rex is a Rottweiler/German Shepherd Dog cross. Mum was the German Shepherd. (Born 7th August 2000).{;}Favourite pastimes are lazing around, (when not running around like a rabbit), food (just love those ...

Lisa's Lounge
My site includes many of my interests, including my dog! Hope to add more on him in the years to come!

Sara, the Shy Mastiff
Sara was a very shy dog that we rescued when she was 10 months old. All of her life we struggled with her to over come her fearfulness. She improved greatly.

Schultz' Homepage
Schultz is a Sydney dog who loves checking out off-leash areas, swimming, retirving and boating.

Smiley's Golden Pages
Come by and meet 3 really cool golden retrievers. Let them teach you about the breed, show off photos, friends, quotes and more

The Wild Bunch
13 dogs that live in Texas, their stories and the trouble they can get into, but ya gotta love them.

CJ's Hangout
The life and times of a retired racing Greyhound.

Kyrie Chows
Kyrie Chow Chows, selectively bred for gentle temperaments. For companion and show homes. Champion lines.

Defenders of the Universe
This site is just an act of irrelevant departure on my behalf to introduce my dogs to those who like dogs. Apart from being cute, each one of them is a real character!

Mixbreed Mayhem
Loki was a mixbreed rescued from an animal shelter.

The Life of Meka
A cute site that shares the life of Meka the Cockapoo with her friends, both animal and human. Come and enjoy her life and before you leave please sign her guest book. Thanks for stopping by.

Murphy's Laws
Murphy tells about her laws for living, the naughty things she did when she was a puppy, and shares pictures of herself and friends weacommunity shades, and cool duds, and more!

Randal's Staffie Homepage
This page is dedicated to my wonderful Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Randal. It has an introduction to his site and a welcome page from Randal to introduce himself, lots of pics of the lad himself as well ...

Hiya's Communitys
This is my personal web page and the communitys I belong to. I have an adorable miniature schnauzer named Bridget, who has her own page on this site with oodles of pictures of her.