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Click Member link to see site in tvAll about Misty !
Hi welcome to my site, My name is Misty and I am a Jack Russell Terrier! I hope you have fun at my website. Enjoy my snapshots on my Glamourpuss page, my secrets on my Diary page and my life story so ...

Petie's Page
"Petie's Page" is the cyberspace home of Petie, the Topp Dogg of The Fabulous World of Rhonda. Stop by to visit a truly cool mutt!

Muffy and Scruffy Rongo
cool mutts club community fragment must be placed on the dog's page.{;}{;}

Missys Page
An entertaining site told from the dogs point of view. Interesting links and stories. Also has valuable information on animal abuse and rescue.

All About Dogs
All About Dogs a site for dog lovers everywhere!

Harley`s Home Pages
Harley`s life and the other animals he shares his home with.

Spicything's Place
This site is dedicated to all dog lovers and those who have been wanting a dog but just don't know where to look or what they are looking for. This is like a doggie search engine sort of..

Bailey's Den
This website is dedicated to Bailey, my German Shepard/Husky cross puppy. See photos of Bailey, my other pets, other people's pets, and yours if you would like to submit one!

Thatsclass French Bulldogs
Situated in Qld Aust. Striving to breed to Aust Standards. Information on Health, Pedigrees, Photos. Colours include, Fawn, Pied, Brindle. Puppies sometimes available to approved homes only.

Courtney's Corner
Proud To Be An All American{;}Most Unique Tailwagging Type {;}(MUTT)

Snoopy's Doggie Delights
You are invited to the misadventures of the rascal, tree climbing, Jack Russell Terrier, Snoopy. Come and meet me and all the wonderful people and pets and friends that make my life a true ~Delight~ Try ...

This is the story of my life

I Love Dogs!
{;}A chronological look at the dogs that have shared my life.

Our New Lab
A site dedicated to our fantastic yellow lab, Misiu. You'll find pictures of this cute little guy as well as his favorite links.

The Border
A collection of short stories describing the characteristics of this charming breed of terrier

Krys' Place
Three realms of romance, fantasy & Victoriana in one: Krys' Place, my personal site -- Web Designs by Fey Arte of Faeries offecommunity web design & graphics for all your web needs -- Fey Arte of Faeries' ...

larvalbug's home page
This site contains a monthly family and investment newsletter, galleries of dog and animal photographs, interactive dog photos, gardening articles with photographs, and artwork.

Bubba and Xena's Page
Lots of pictures with captions and each dogs "story" 5 pages on the site

A day in the life of Sadie
Hi from Ballston Spa, NY! My name is Sadie and I was adopted on September 9, 2001. My mommy started this page to show the world just how very cute I am.

Tim 'n Puppies
My site contains individual pages for each of my three little fuzzies...you're gonna love 'em all!

Presley the Dog
The King is dead, long live the King!

Brandi's World
A really cool site about my doggie brandi girl. I have alot of cool and informational links on my website. I have alot of communitys and information on spay/neutecommunity your pets as well as stopping ...

Meet Gypsy The Red Chihuahua
Meet Gypsy the red chihuahua in her incredible site of beautiful pet photos, themes, stories and useful information for all animal lovers!

Brownie's Dog House and Cat Cave
my dog's homepage with photos of my dogs and cats, stories and diary entries about my dogs, and page talk buttons with my dog's voice barking on them

Hi! I'm Charlie
This is Charlie's own personal page about how I adopted him or vice versa!

Sammie's communitys
A spoiled pampered Yorkie named Sammie. Please do not use the word Dog on my website refure to me as baby, Sammie or little love muffin.

Miniture Schnauzers - Duchess Gretchen of Essex
This web site is just a way to talk about myself, my owners and to meet other Miniture Schnauzers. If I make someone smile along the way, it has been worth the time and effort.

A Silky Terrier Named Elizabeth
A web page written by a Silky Terrier named Elizabeth. Pictures of Elizabeth and links to other Silky sites.

Person site with dedications, graphic sets, pets, etc.

Freddie's House
Freddie introduces you to his family. human and animal alike. He takes you on a tour with him as he visits the rest of the family

Take a professional approach to photograph your dog and take your dog to {;}a dog park. San Francisco Peninsula dog parks here. Tell Maggie’s jokes and learn about the origin of dog behavior.

Kira's Adventures of a Minpin
Lovely pictures and stories of Kira and Kai, female and male Miniature Pinscher dogs who lives in South Wales, UK.

Jackie Lynn's World
Jackie Lynn was rescued from an animal shelter in 1991. This site shares about her family, her favorite activity (birdhunting) and about her life at home including some humorous moments.

Dogstarr is devoted and dedicated to cacommunity for dogs with love. Information on emergencies, t-touch, behavior, health, heartworms, puppy mills and much more to care for your dog with love.

Tinkers Place
My page is about my 3 dogs & my siamese cat.{;}Very special people in my life :)

Barbara And Her Fur Babies
Please come into my web site and meet my fur babies who have brought some much love into my life. Read their stories and you will see what I mean.

Tashi Deleh & In Memory of Calidad
In memory of Calidad, who died June 10, 2007 at 15 yrs old. And for my other darling, Tashi Deleh, which is Tibetan for Good Luck. Tashi is Lhasa Apso mix, who was rescued at almost 4, but now I am almost ...

About my JRT...{;}

Mixed-up mutts
Welcome to the website dedicated to the All American Mutt, and all adopted, and homeless pets! {;} Mutts make up 75% of the dogs in shelters, and purebreds make up the rest. There is a dog ...

All About Bear
Come on in and tell Bear hello. The coolest Chihuahua on the net!

Juliette's eWorld!
Hi! I'm Juliette! I'm a Miniature Dachshund. Please come visit my site!

Aphrodite Pugs', Pugaboo Boutique. Come See all the Cool Pug Stuff I have inspired my Mommy, Terry Buffington, to create! Drawings of ME, Cards with ME one them, and STORY BOOKS about ME of course, and ...

{;}A page all about our terrific dog, Sugar, with lots of cute pictures and where you can apply for an award.

Emerson's Hideaway
Hey there, hi there and a huge hello (woof) to all my cyber friends!! Please stop by and visit me and check out my awards.... woof!

A Japanese Spitz dog called ANNANN
This site is about ANNANN, a proud and beautiful Japanese Spitz dog, with episodes, music, photos and a message from ANNANN to you.....

JJ's Gallery
My personal family-friendly for humans, as well as others, web site, includes my own own writings, photographs, and I even have my own guest book. I'll have my own e-mail soon!

Atos Homepage
Blond Labrador Retriever,page is always up to date so come and find out what i,m doing

Rocky's Doghouse
Rocky's Doghouse has pictures of Rocky, a young and frisky CBR, doggie links, and updated news of Rocky's escapes! Please, come check it out and sign the guestbook! Thanks for visiting...

Fur and Feathers
Personal website including my love of animals, music, New Orleans, New Jersey and other asundry and assorted stuffs.

The Ginger Page
Ginger is one of Dinsdale's best buddies. They love to play rope toy and chase each other!! Come see Ginger at her site!!