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We are a group of ordinary people making small changes, that will make a big difference

Possum's Journey
Tracking my journey of creativity through a maze called 'The Consumption Challenge'.

Must Consume Less...Much Less.

The Little Knitter Who Could
Blog about my knitting and consumption rebellion

Looking Out a Broken Window
The day to day ramblings of a mad mama, her two kids, two cats and three fish. As we try to tread as gently as possible on each other and the earth

Theresa's Tales
This is the blog of my life and my journey towards aware purchasing! My husband and I have been quite habitual consumers, but are both sick of the expense and clutter we have in our house. So with ...

A Twilight Fable
A site about my families endevour to find a better way of life? Cutting down on excesses while still enjoying what life has to offer. A dream of one day escaping the daily grind of consumerism and slavery. ...

Consumption Rebellion
This blog started off as a a record of how my family will not buy anything brand new for a year. That year finished on 21 Sep 2007. Having raised my own awareness of why I buy, I am now attempting to consume ...

Lela's Challenge
My blog detailing how I'm going with the consuption challenge.

crafting from (mostly) recycled materials and saving the world with one op shop purchase at a time

can a family survive without unnecessary consumption?

Cinderella's Sundance
Everything all rolled into one. My Kick Ass 2008 - Consumption Challenge, Couch to 5k's challenge & my life as Mother.