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Just that - a community for the consumer or end user who is displeased and wish to be heard.

ISP Reports: Tripod, Ringsurf, Webring and the Rest
Want to give a little feedback about the performance your website / ring host has been putting in lately, in a place where that hosting service won't get to censor your posts? Especially if that service ...

Ring Homepage
General information about this community. But 41 characters is not enough for Ringsurf, so just to get the system to accept my update, I have to post a lot of filler filler filler filler filler filler ...

Suba Communications and BeanNet Interactive: Customer Complaints
A community for customer complaints regarding Suba Communications, BeanNet and affiliated companies. A straightforward notion, but being straightforward only netted me 100 characters, and Ringsurf won't ...