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The Consistent Life Ethic Community includes sites that promote the consistent ethic or respect for life. Alternative and progressive sites are especially welcome. Visit the community's home page for site guidelines.

Consistent Life Ethic Community Home Page
Home page of the Consistent Life Ethic Community.

Activism: Making A Difference
Worthwhile issues and causes, opportunities for activism, and links to relevant web sites.

Bill Samuel's Home Page
Home page of Bill Samuel, consistent life ethic activist.

A Roadside Shrine
What makes the greatest human being? Decency, of course! This roadside shrine is dedicated to the enlightenment of all beings.

Site promotes the seamless garment or consistent life ethic view that all life issues are related, such as abortion, war, capital punishment and social justice.

The View From Outside
My views as a Christian Pro-life Feminist. Book reviews, articles and links related to biblical equality, pro-life feminism, capital punishment, rape, domestic abuse, animal rights, and a consistent life ...

A Seamless Garment
The site presents an overview of the consistent ethic philosophy and offers a free CLE bumper sticker.

Pro-Woman Pro-Life
Abortion is far from being "pro-woman." This site tells you why.

The Propaganda Box
Blog of musician, writer, and seminarian J-Tron. Frequent updates with thoughts on a variety of subjects, mostly religion and politics. Also free mp3s and information about J-Tron's music.

Pax Christi
Pax Christi Summit is a local chapter of Pax Christi USA which represents the Catholic peace movement in the United States. We are committed to promoting the social justice doctrine of the Catholic Church ...

The New Abolitionists
I was on the community once, Kelly - not sure what happened. My logo still works, but not on your list. Here's description: "Links to leftish and liberal abortion abolition sites, along with some great ...

PRAXIS: American Union of Orthodox Christian Citizens
The American Union of Orthodox Christian Citizens - a grass-roots fellowship of Orthodox Christians who are or wish to be politically active in support of the Orthodox Church in the United States and ...

an aside...Consistent Life Ethic
Blog committed to Consistent Life Ethic, connected to author's CLE articles at http://www.suite101.com/writer_articles.cfm/demerle

Pro-Lifers for Peace and Justice
This site is for pro-life liberals/progressives to unite and let the world know we exist! Don't worry! You're not the only one who is both pro-life and anti-war! Let's build a community of friends ...