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A place for Pagans, Heathens, Traditionalists and other Western and Near Eastern Polytheists who are politically conservative or moderate, who affirm a belief in Traditional Western values and in an objective morality, placing a high value on reason, honor and piety, and none on political correctness. Racists, antisemites, their apologists and other undesirables are not welcome on this community; if you see material that genuinely qualifies as hatemongecommunity, and is not just anti-open borders, critical of the behavior of the Left or otherwise politically incorrect, please tell me right away.

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Conservative Pagan Community Homepage
General information about this community, including why I felt that it needed to be set up. If you entered this community from another community, one located on a provider other than Communitysurf, then ...

A Defense of the Hellenic Dicta
Some Hellenic Apologetics : a very elementary sketch of a philosophical defense of the Hellenic Dicta "moderation in all things" and "know thyself" (a call for humility when facing the gods), drawing on ...

Conservative Midwestern Pagans
A discussion and networking list for Politically Conservative and Moderate Polytheists living in the Central and Great Plains states.

The Inquicommunity Eye Wants to Know
Explore todays hottest issues: the world unfolding from Suburban New Jersey.