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Click Member link to see site in tvSpirit-Life! Tears of the Unborn
Dedicated to Tears of the Unborn...a monument is needed in Washington, DC to honor those who have never been allowed to be born, whose lives were brutally cut short on the alter of selfishness!{;}

Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc
The Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, Inc. was founded in 1993 to promote the ideals of free market economics, individual liberty and limited government through the conduct of public opinion ...

Conservative (Great Books) Reading List
A very traditional conservative ("great books") reading list.

The Republican Papers
The Republican Papers - A place for discussion and promotion of Republican and Conservative ideas and values. Msg Board, E-mail List and Member posted essays.

CompassionateConservative is a site dedicated to promoting the Vast-Right-Wing Conspiracy. Political discourse on the forum is typically fast and furious, but moderated to ensure some degree of civility. ...

Free Conservatives
FreeConservatives is the hottest political debate forum on the internet and is dedicated to the advancement of conservative ideology but we welcome opposing viewpoints. We have 23 forums to choose from ...

Junto Society
Support the constitution and the second amendment. Make sure you understand what you are voting for. Educational pages and Fact Sheets. {;}

Wayne State University Conservative Union
Bryan Hoffman is looking for students at Wayne State to join his conservative union and fight the dominating liberalism on campus. Donors to help fund future events are also needed and being sought. ...

Sounds of Steeeeeeez
Revealing the vast left-wing conspiracy involving Bill Clinton and communist chinese bribes in exchange for classified nuclear technology. I have photos and news articles and to prove this, plus mp3's ...

The Second Amendment Internet Task Force
Help stop the erosion of your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Arm yourself with the facts.{;}

American Veterans
A tribute to Veterans and Active Members of the United States Armed Forces and their Families.{;}{;}

The Conservative Shadow
Letters, articles, cartoons, etc. on political issues mainly from the Conservative viewpoint. The outrageous Liberal bias of the media is a major target of anger and fun.{;}

The Right Zone
The Right Zone is a conservative website where you can GET INFORMED. List of Great Links, Commentaries, Tribute to Reagan, The Liberal Press, My Thoughts for the Month, Statistics and we are always adding ...

A place to go for the Conservative to get information and to find links on various Issues.{;}

Uncommon Sense, Conservative Politics.
Common Sense has become far too uncommon. This is my attempt to {;}Inform people, inspire informed patriotism, and provide an easy method of accessing a {;}Variety of sites where additional accurate information ...

Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic
The personal web site of an economic and social conservative, Republican, moral traditionalist, pro-life, Army veteran, NRA Benefactor Life Member, Secular Humanist atheist. Hey, at least I'm not a socialist ...

The Rock Reports
The following dissertations reflect a very strict politically conservative {;}viewpoint.

{;}A website aimed at exposing the hypocrisy of the liberal agenda.

watchman on the wall
{;}watchman on the wall has been deliecommunity imortant info on the new world order, look for urbanradio.tv soon

THE LIVE WIRE is the website of syndicated columnist Gregory J. Rummo

Church of Constitutional Realists
site devoted to exposing the things the average person tends to ignore in our country and government{;}

Site features hundreds of hard-hitting articles by LA-based pundit Michael D. Shaw, along with pieces form authors all over the world. If you like it conservative, and anti-politically correct, this is ...

Advocate FREEDOM
The Advocate FREEDOM website advocates paradigm shifts in government, political practices, economics, education and medicine.  "Open Letters" and "My Commentaries" discuss conspiracies, gun control, immigration, ...

Yurdlecity News
{;}A list of conservative news and opinion sites.

Wendy's Page
My conservative point of view.{;}

Republican Politics
Contains poll,biographies, links,essays, pictures,news,and wallpaper. {;}

Honesty's Home
Honesty's Home is a place of refuge and hope, where God's love and truth abounds. A place that keeps Christians informed. Pages have been updated and revised as of January, 2005.

Christian,Patriotic,with the plan of salvation runing all the time. My main purpose is to win someone to the Lord Jesus Christ. And to help others deal with greaf after the loss of a child. Thank you ...

Scott County Teen Age Republicans
The official site of the Scott County Minnesota Teen Age Republicans.{;}

Patriot Print Shoppe
Quality reproductions of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Created on 17" by 22" parchment paper. Beautifully done and suitable for framing.{;}Also available 8 1/2" ...

Tribute Ronald Reagan
Tribute to Ronald Reagan

Mr. Right's Web-Site
Mr. Right's Web-Site is a page loaded with the best collection of Republican Pictures and Bumper Stickers on The Web.{;}

This is a Bill of Rights Ideas page dedicated to ideas to support the Bill of Rights.

Patriot's Place
Dedecated to ALL Persons, who ever wore a military uniform in defense of The U.S.A. The purpose is to provide information and support not always available in the "main stream media." Though decidedly politically ...

Martin Andrade, Conservative at Large
Martin Andrade, conservative columnist for the University of Minnesota's Campus Observer and all around mad muckraker attacking the liberal establishment and corruption at the University of Minnesota{ ...

Ken's Konseritive Korner
What America is really about................{;}

Conservative Matchmaker
Helping politically conservative singles meet other politically conservative singles from all over the country! Free membership provides chat, message board, and event calendar.

New Hope Ministries
Has a devotional, a guest book and a page for prayer requests. Also, authors books are advertised.{;}

into the world
This site is a call{;}to action and prayer for all conservatives who are fed up and angry with what Liberalism is doing to this country.{;}

News and views from a very opinionated person.

American History
We all support American people

Business,Politics,Sports.It is still under construction so give my site time.{;}

Founding Fathers Party
The party that hopes to return the United States of America to the path upon which it Founded. A Representative Republic, free markets, the rule of law, individual liberty.

Teen Conservative's United
Newly formed site with conservative christian theme. Opinions expressed in a Catholic nature, but overall a place for conservative teen's to get news and interact. {;}

The Right Side
Conservative commentary and information.{;}

Black Hole in the Blueprint
a site describing teacher abuse in san diego city schools at the hands of Alan Bersin and his blueprint to treat children and teachers as widgets that must conform to non negotiable ideas. The politics ...

Permanent Traits of Human Society, A trilogy of experience and Governmental History
Liftetime research on the history and evolution of human civilizations in a trilogy of books. Fred Howard authors his observations and reseach on the inception and eventual downfall of the worlds great ...

Fundamentally Right
A blog with a Conservative Christian world view. You will find comments concerning politics, religion, history and current events here. Often you will find a little humor and wit, occasionally you may ...

The Republican Papers
A site dedicated to the Reelection of President Bush and the election and reelection of Republican Senators and Represenatives. To promote Conservative causes and to define the evils of Liberalism and ...

Grassroots Political Strategy
To advance Republican issues and candidates via grassroots efforts. Through; volunteer recruitment, online campaigns, Get Out The Vote drives and direct political activism.