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A community for those moved by religious or ethical concerns to speak out about the war, the environment, or human rights.

tholos of athena
political, philosophical, literary window of conscience

Augustine is my cartoon alter ego. This is her blog in which she asks awkward questions to the likes of Dubya Bush, Tony Blair, Saddam, and even Van Gogh. She's a comic philosopher with a conscience and ...

Media Revolution
Our media is in a crisis of corporate consolidation. There only thing to do is follow the indymedia credo and become the media. This is my blog

Explocommunity how peace and justice can be achieved through Islam.

Noli Irritare Leones
A Quaker weblog.

The goals of the Human/Nature Foundation are to preserve open space zones and ecosystems for the benefit of wildlife, and the preservation of botanical species, especially indigenous and.or endangered ...

So what can I do?
This is a collection of small things that anyone can do and everyone should to to bcommunity about social justice and make the world a better place.

joey46556's webpage
hey this is my site with poetry, pictures, and resources for young gay people